Consulate Speaker Program 2014-2015

To provide knowledge of U.S. related topics ranging from American youth culture to innovation, two talks about ‘American youth culture’ and ‘Innovation: Connecting the power of ideas and creativity’ were organized on 7th November and 1st December 2014.

We were pleased to have Mr. Kevin Dahaghi, a Fullbright English Teaching Assistant currently based at Hong Kong Institute of Education, to talk about the American styles and trends, school life, leisure, entertainment and other cultural aspects to our F.4 students.

Moreover, F.5 students attended a talk conducted by Mr. Scott Robinson, spokesman of the Consulate, about famous innovators, inspiration for ideas, “out-of-the-box” thinking, and intellectual property rights.

Through these two programmes, students had the opportunity to learn more about recent American culture, pioneering innovations and initiatives to improve their creativity.