The Mr Varma Show

A fun and interactive way to learn English is through whimsical trivia questions! That is what happened in SFXC this week. Students were given a time limit to answer questions and brainteasers during their English class and were also asked to submit their own riddles for a display in the school foyer. The questions were a mixture of general knowledge, such as what is the largest country in the world and what is 7 x 9 = ? to idiosyncrasies which meant that the answer was in the question… for example, what word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly? – (the answer is of course, incorrectly) – there were even a few questions which enabled the students to learn vocabulary and idioms unique to the English language. What was more fun was that the students were given a series of tongue twisters to perform with each other – the best students were timed in a ‘grand finale’ during Thursday’s assembly. We can learn a lot of English through these types of activities and above all have a great time!