Classroom Display Board Competition

In recent weeks, all classes from Form 1 to 4 had been very dedicated in decorating their classroom display boards for the captioned competition. The themes of the competition for each form were: “Self-discipline (F.1)”, “Respect (F.2)”, “Confidence (F.3)” and “Responsibility (F.4)”. The students were well-coordinated as they labor tirelessly for the project. The moment of truth came when the adjudicators - Mr. Iu, Mr. Leung Man Fai, and Ms. Ki - reviewed the students’ work on 19th April, 2016.

The evaluation was based on three domains – theme and content (40%), visual layout (40%), and originality and creativity (20%). After careful considerations, the judges finally determined a winner for each form – F.1B, F.2C, F.3B and F.4B. Each winner would be awarded a certificate and a present.

Congratulations to the winning classes and big thanks to all the participating classes! Thank you for your effort and the wonderful demonstration of your creativity. Winning is not the priority here. It is the process and the memorable experience that counts when the glory of winning fades into the shadow of time. Furthermore, the friendships you gain in this competition will accompany you to your future days in SFXC and beyond.