Career Expo and Mentorship Scheme 2016

Launched in 2010, the SFXC Mentorship Scheme aims to tap the invaluable resources amongst our alumni to complement the efforts of the SFXC teaching staff in facilitating the all-round development of Xaverians. Thanks to the unfailing support and participation of our alumni and students, we have recruited a lot of mentors and mentees to join this meaningful platform throughout the years, passing on the Xaverian spirit.

This year, we would like to enhance and expand the scheme. Alumni are invited to take part in one or more of the following:

  • become a mentor of the Mentorship Scheme to the current F4-5 students for 1~2 years
  • be a guest speaker at the Career Expo on 10 Dec, 2016
  • provide a 1-day job-shadowing opportunity for F4-5 students during school holidays

If you are interested to contribute, please complete the online application form Here or download the reply form Here and fax to 23812840 on or before 30 September, 2016.

For enquiry, please contact Ms. Silvia Chan, the Careers Guidance Mistress at 23932271.