Award Presentation Ceremony for Outstanding Performance in HKDSE

Right after the school opening Thanksgiving Mass on 1st September, an award presentation ceremony was held to recognize the effort of our outstanding performers in HKDSE 2016. Together, we had 11 F.6 graduates attaining 5** in various subjects. 8 of these top performers attended our ceremony. All 11 of them were awarded scholarships funded by the SFXC Foundation. The representative of the Foundation, Mr. Patrick Ko, also an old boy, was with us to honor the top performers and to present them the awards on stage.

Our boys who got 5** in HKDSE included:

  CHAN Kai Long   (6D)
  CHEUNG Ka Chai       (6B)
  CHIU Tai Fuk   (6D)
  KWOK Ting Nam   (6C)         
  KWOK Chun Hang   (6B)
  LO Pui Yin   (6E)
  LUI Sheung Chi   (6A)
  LUK Ming Ho   (6D)
  MOK Wing Cheung   (6A)
  SO Ho Cheung   (6C)
  TSE Ho Nam   (6C)

Congratulations to our top performers.