Student Union Cabinet Inauguration Ceremony

After securing a majority vote of confidence, Nexus, the nominated cabinet for Student Union (SU) 2016-2017, was officially sworn into office on 15th September 2016. The cabinet members included:

  Cyrus Law (5C)   Chairman
  Dick Lam (5B)   Internal Vice-Chairman
  Tsz Hin Wong (5A)   External Vice-Chairman
  Donald Lo (5B)   Financial Secretary
  Peter Choi (4D)   Financial Assistant
  Jerome Kwok (4A)   Promotion Secretary
  Pak Yu Kwok (5A)   Internal Secretary
  Jimmy Cheung (4D)   External Secretary
  Hubert Yam (3B)   Welfare Secretary
  Chun Hin Leung (2B)       General Affairs Secretary

After giving the inauguration speech, Cyrus Law, the newly sworn SU chairman, led his team to put on the SU badges. This signalled the beginning of their office term and their pledge to serve all students with their hearts and utmost diligence.

Congratulations, Nexus! May the Lord grant you strength and wisdom to carry out your duties.