House Inauguration 2017-18

The committee members of all four houses for academic year 2017-2018 were inaugurated on the 19th of September 2017. During the ceremony, house committee members of the previous school received the Certificates of Appreciation for their dedication and hard work. It was then followed by the introduction of the new house committee members. They are:

House Captain of Yellow House, KWOK HO YIN of 5A; Vice House Captains of Yellow House, HUI LOK of 5B and CHUNG LONG HIM of 5B; Secretary of Yellow House, CHEUNG TSZ HIM of 5C; Treasurer of Yellow House, MAK CHIT HIN of 4D; Stewards of Yellow House, NG CHI FAI of 4A, HO TUNG LAM of 4B and YAM KAI YUI HUBERT of 4D;

House Captain of Blue House, LAM HO MING of 5C; Vice Houses Captain of Blue House, CHEUNG CHI HANG of 5C and LUI CHEUK HANG of 5B; Secretary of Blue House, LEE KIN HEI of 5A; Treasurer of Blue House, HUNG CHEUNG LOK of 5C; Stewards of Blue House, FAN CHIN SHEK JEVIN of 4B, YIU CHING HONG of 4D and TSANG PAK LONG of 4C;

House Captain of Red House, NG CHO HIM of 5A; Vice House Captains of Red House, WONG CHUN TAK of 5B and CHOI HING CHUNG of 5D; Secretary of Red House, CHAN PAK HEI of 5A; Treasurer of Red House, FU CHUEN HONG of 5C; Stewards of Red House, PENG KIN HOI of 5C, FUNG YIU CHUN of 4A and YUEN KA CHUN MARCO of 4B;

House Captain of Green House, CHAN HO YIN of 5D; Vice House Captains of Green House, LAU TIN WAI of 5A and YIM SHING HEI of 5D; Secretary of Green House, MIU JIT HO of 5C; Treasurer of Green House, LAU CHI KIT of 5D; Stewards of Green House, FU TSZ CHUN of 4B, LIN LONG CHING of 4D and LO CHUNG HEI of 4D.

All the house committee members received their badges from our principal Mr. Iu and after they put on the badges, they were officially inaugurated. The ceremony was concluded by the passing on of the house flags to the new committee members to be shown in front of all students.

Congratulations, all house committee members! May you lead your house members by example and bring glory to your houses and to your school.