First Victory in Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2017-18

On 6th October, our school’s English Debating Team scored their first major victory in the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (HKSSDC) 2017-18. The HKSSDC is organized annually by Mr. Stan Dyer, the famous debater and educator who is renowned for promoting English debating among schools in Hong Kong. More than 300 teams have joined the competition this year and the motion for the first round of debate is that: “This House Believes That Hong Kong should significantly increase the use of robots to help look after the young and the elderly here.” Our English Debating Team 1, consisted of Stanley Siu (5C), Edwin Lam (4D) and Jonathan Ho (4A), supported the motion against Pentecostal Lam Hong Kwong School, one of the 4 Grand Final Champions last year. It was a fierce debate and we finally won due to our more solid arguments and stronger team cohesion. Congratulations to the SFXC English Debating Team and keep up the good work!