SU Inauguration Ceremony 2018-2019

With the successful conclusion of the SU election a day before, the term of office of the Student Union 2017 – 2018, Alter, had came to a perfect close on 13th September 2018. Cheung Ho Ngai (F.6D), the Chairman of Alter, delivered his end-of-term speech to express his gratitude to different parties, especially to his SU cabinet members. Our principal Mr. Iu thanked Alter for their service and presented them certificates of appreciation to honor their effort. Mr. Iu, also gave words of encouragement to the new SU and reminded them to be the servants of the students, the ambassadors of the school and the clean keeper of the SU office. After the ceremony, Harmony, the newly elected SU cabinet, headed by Yam Kai Yui (F.5D), assumed duty as the servant leaders of all students in the SU office.

Thank you, Alter, for all your hard work last year and good luck, Harmony, for the coming year ahead.