Career Expo 2018

On 8th December 2018, the Career Guidance Committee co-organized one of its annual major events - the Career Expo 2018, with the Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association (HKPASEA). It intended to expose over 230 of our senior form students to different career paths. The event started off with an inspiring and meaningful keynote speech by Mr. KK Tsang, the Founding Director of HKPASEA and the Convener of Life Planning Program for Secondary School Students. It was followed by an informative sharing session from 10 experienced guest speakers from 10 different sectors. There is no doubt that the Career Expo 2018 has successfully equipped our students with comprehensive and the most relevant information on a variety of study paths and career options. In addition, it also helped to unlock the potential of our students with life planning skills and strengthening our career guidance services in school.