Junior Form Chinese History and Basic Law Competitions

The Chinese History and Basic Law Competitions were recently conducted in F.1 (on 19/3), F.2 (29/3) and F.3 (1/4) to test our junior boys’ knowledge in the field. The events invited one 3-man team from each class to showcase what they had learned from the Chinese History lessons in a competitive way during the Form Assemblies. The results were as follows:

Champion: 1B
1 st Runner-up: 1A
2 nd Runner-up: 1D
Champion: 2B
1 st Runner-up: 2D
2 nd Runner-up: 2E
Champion: 3B
1 st Runner-up: 3A
2 nd Runner-up: 3E

Congratulations to the winners but remember, being able to demonstrate what you have learnt is more important than gaining victory per se.