Introduction of Proposed SU Cabinet 2020-2021 – “Cohere”

The proposed chairman of nominated cabinet “Cohere” Mr. Law Chun Kit introduced his cabinet members and their mission during the morning assembly on 5th October 2020.


Mr. Law’s team includes:

Proposed Internal Vice-chairman, Deng King Ho from F.5A;

Proposed External Vice-chairman, Law Kin Yeung from F.5A;

Proposed Financial Secretary, Chen Xu Hui from F.5B;

Proposed Internal Secretary, Lam Chi Kit from F.5B;

Proposed External Secretary, Chow Wai Ho from F.4B;

Proposed Promotion Secretary, Ho Chun Yat from F.4D;

Proposed Public Relations Secretary, Lam Tat Ying from F.4D;

Proposed Welfare Secretary, Chui Yau Tak from F.3A and lastly,
Proposed General Secretary, Dorian Fung from F.2A.


Mr. Law defined “Cohere” as “to unite” or “to hold together”. They hoped to unite all the schoolmates and all the student activity groups, to preserve the culture of brotherhood and family spirit treasured by Xaverians, and to continue the cherished traditions of our school. They would organize different activities aiming at uniting all the schoolmates together, as well as organizing a wide variety of joint-school activities that could broaden their schoolmates’ horizons. Furthermore, they would build new platforms of communication for their schoolmates to voice their opinions and to reflect them to the school.


Finally, they urged for the schoolmates’ support!