Parent education Programme (Talk and workshop)

This year, our school joined the ‘Jockey Club Project IDEAL’ (賽馬會「你」想家長培力計劃) through the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council. We held the first parent talk on 2 November 2021 followed by a series of parent growth group workshops in November and December 2021.

Over 60 junior form parents attended the parent talk with the theme ‘上網失晒控,家真苦惱 addressing parents’ worries over their children’s addiction to the internet. We hoped that parents could understand their children's needs for social connection and help them establish healthy boundaries against addiction.

For the growth group workshops, 10 parents participated in 4 growth group sessions in November and December. This programme promotes self-reflection on the parents’ own personal growth, parenting experience and their untapped potential, to help them rekindle their strength and conviction to be parents, so as to overcome the anxiety of parenthood.

We are thankful for the participation of our junior form parents. Their effort will help advance the well-being of themselves as well as their children’s.