The first “Cooking with Kevin” Class

This school year, our NET teacher Kevin organises cooking classes for our students, as an EMI (English medium instruction) activity. We are very pleased that the very first “Cooking with Kevin” class started on 14th October. Three senior form boys took part in the cooking class and learnt to bake Chocolate Cranberry Banana Bread. The boys learnt to bake with Kevin in English and surprised their families with their baking creations. The participants shared their thoughts:

Andrew – “The banana bread was delicious and perfect for breakfast. I love the moist texture and the mixed flavour of it.”

James – “My parents loved it, and they ate up most of it... But we thought that the bread was a little too sweet, so I will either add less sugar or add dark chocolate instead next time."

Daniel - "It’s a little too sweet. The combination of chocolate and berries made the bread taste good. My parents were very surprised. They didn't believe I did it myself."

Stay tuned for the future updates on our cooking classes.