F.6 Graduation Ceremony 2016-2017

The Graduation Ceremony 2016-2017 was successfully held on 27th May 2017. This year, we were honored to have Cpt. Michael Chan, Head of the Government Flying Service and our 1975 graduate, as our guest of honor. Not only F.6 graduates, we also had a hall filled with parents, teachers and old boys came to witness this important moment for our graduates. After graduation, each of them will be on their way to different paths. May God guide them on their journey and help them to remember their proud identity as Xaverians.

Brothers’ Day 2017

To show our respect to the Marist Brothers, staff from SFXC and SFXS gathered together in the Brothers Quarter on the Brothers’ Day on 22nd May. Teacher representatives from both schools presented souvenirs to the Marist Brothers. We thanked them for their dedication to the good cause of educating the youth. We wished them good health and many more years of well-being.

The Thanksgiving Mass for the Silver Jubilee of Brother John’s Profession of Vows

On 20th May 2017, we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Brother John’s Profession of Vows during a Thanksgiving Mass held at Our Lady of China Church. Dozens of our students and teachers attended the Mass and witnessed this joyful occasion first hand. Without catching the eyeballs of many, our humble Brother has already served education for 25 years. We thank him for his dedication and we will continue to pray for him to receive power ceaselessly to continue his work.

Swimming Gala 2016-2017

The Swimming Gala for 2016-2017 was successfully held on 19th May 2017. This year, we held the event at a new venue, the Kwun Tong Public Swimming Pool. It was a nice indoor swimming pool equipped with state of the art facility. The event was concluded successfully with a record breaking number of participants competing in various events this year.

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