Reassignment of the School Supervisor

Due to ailing health and concern for his age, our beloved Brother Joseph has resigned as School Supervisor with effect from 17th March 2017. Although we all have a feeling of melancholy we are eternally grateful to Br. Joseph’s many years of resolute service and being among us.

During this period of transition Mr. Peter Lee (李崇德太平紳士) has been appointed as Acting School Supervisor by our School Sponsoring Body, the Marist Brothers. Mr. Lee is a renowned educator and has been a member of our school’s Incorporated Management Committee for a number of years. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Lee as Acting Supervisor and in praying for Br. Joseph’s good health and peaceful retirement.

Exchange Programme with SFXS 2016-2017

The annual Student Exchange Programme between St. Francis Xavier’s College (SFXC) and our brother school St. Francis Xavier’s School Tsuen Wan (SFXS) was successfully conducted in March 2017. With the aims to enhance communication between the two Marist schools in Hong Kong and to increase students’ exposure, five S.5 students from each school had spent 5 school days at their school. In a 2-week period, one student participant from each school was paired up with the other as buddies, so that they could help each other in and out of the classrooms. At the end of the two-week programme, a tea party was held in the Brothers’ Quarter, in which all parties concerned were invited to share their experience and bid each other farewell.

Third Teacher Development Day 2016-2017

Our third TDD of 2016-2017 was held on 24th March 2017. It was a visit to Christian Zheng Sheng College on the far side of the Lantau Island. Through this site visit and the sharing by the principal and the students there, our teachers were informed of the value, mission and challenges faced by Christian education towards the marginalized teens.

F.3 Parents Gathering 2016-2017

The Parents’ Gatherings have always been an important channel to facilitate communication and mutual understanding between the school and the parents. On 18th March, it was the F.3 parents’ turn. A total of 107 parents attended the gathering, which included a one-and-a-half-hour seminar and a 30-minute meeting between form teachers and parents. With the help from teachers, student helpers and volunteers from PTA, the event was concluded successfully with lots of positive feedback from F.3 parents.

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