Career Theater

In the afternoon of 4th October 2016, HKCA Young Members Society and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre co-organized the Career Related Experience (CRE) activity – Career Theater “建造業情深”– for our F.4 and F.5 students. The activity aimed at helping students develop career awareness and promote the understanding of the construction industry. After watching a lively, innovative and interactive short play, our alumnus, Mr. Michael Cheung, gave an informative talk about the qualification of different positions, personal professional growth and career development in the construction industry. Thanks to the organizers, our students gained some valuable insights and more understanding about the industry, which would shed light on their future career choices.

Club Chairman Inauguration 2016-2017

The chairmen of all clubs for the academic year 2016-2017 were inaugurated on 3rd October.

They received badges from our principal Mr. Iu and after they put on the badges, they were officially inaugurated. It meant that they were willing to shoulder the responsibilities and would try their utmost to run their clubs throughout the whole year.

Congratulations, all chairmen of school clubs! May you have all the wisdom and strength to organize various meaningful activities for your members.

Flag Raising 2016

To raise the national identity and to celebrate the formation of the People’s Republic of China, the school held an official flag raising ceremony in the morning assembly. Principal Iu encouraged all students to bear in mind our national identity as a Chinese. He hoped that the young men might contribute more to build up a better nation.

F.1 Parents Gathering 2016-2017

The F.1 Parents Gathering for 2016-2017 was held on 24th September. 125 parents attended a seminar introducing our school’s academic structure, disciplinary system and extra-curricular activities. Our School-based Social Worker offered advice to parents to help their sons cope with new school life in a secondary school. Our Counselling Master, Mr. Ching, gave a special talk on Positive Communications, which stressed the importance of positive education.

After the seminar, parents had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with all the S.1 Form Teachers while the students visited promotional booths set up by various school teams and clubs. We would like to thank our F.1 parents, whose active participation made the gathering a meaningful and fruitful event.

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