Visit of a Marist Brother

Brother Angel from Spain together with another Marist Volunteer from Bolivia visited SFXC on 20th February 2017 before their trip to Mainland China. They showed us a warm greeting from their branches of Marist Brothers as we showed them our warm welcome. Let’s pray that they enjoy their stay in Hong Kong and have a smooth trip ahead.

Last School Day for F.6 students (2016-2017)

6 years of secondary schooling had finally come to an end for all F.6 students on 20 January 2017. To commemorate this memorable day, 2 class representatives from each F.6 class had given a vote of thanks to all their form teachers and subject teachers in the morning assembly. The Graduation Committee this year had also prepared the school a handmade gift – a giant potted four-leaf clover, to symbolize their faith and also the school motto “Gentle in Manner, Resolute in Action”. In addition, when the school bell rung at 15:20, all F.6 students and their form teachers stood at the school playground in the pattern of a four-leaf clover, bidding farewell to their secondary school life one last time by singing along a selection of songs and sharing their gratitude towards their Alma Mater.

Services in Kai Oi School

On 20th January 2017, 12of our students provided voluntary service to Kai Oi School, a special education institute, to help them put their sports day together. Our student helpers worked diligently and went home with their hearts brimmed with satisfaction, knowing that their hard work had put a smile on many young faces.

Marist 200 Thanksgiving Mass

Close to 2000 guests occupied the whole St. Francis of Assisi Church to join the Marist 200 Thanksgiving Mass on 3rd January. Among them were teachers, students and alumni of SFXC and SFXS Tsuen Wan, and friends of the Marist Brothers. Representatives of different parties of different generations came forth to give thanks and blessings to the Marist Brothers. May the Brothers’ work in the hearts of the young generation continue to bear fruits in the new century.

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