F.6 Parents Gathering 2016-2017

The F.6 Parents Gathering for 2016-2017 was held recently on 29th October. 113 parents attended a seminar introducing multiple graduate pathways available, the JUPAS scheme and other learning experience and achievements of our F.6 students. Our School-based Social Worker, Ms. Wong, gave a talk on the topic of accompanying our students on their journey of taking the stressful HKDSE.

After the seminar, parents had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with all the S.6 Form Teachers. We would like to thank our F.6 parents, whose active participation and hard work in the lives of their sons will surely bear fruits as the boys graduate from secondary school and mature into adulthood.

Homecoming of Class 1976

On 29th of October, around 30 of our graduates from the Class 1976 came back to visit their alma mater. It was the 40th anniversary of their graduation from SFXC. On this special day, they all dressed in tidy school uniform and become students once again to learn the history and development of the school. It was a sweet reunion of brotherhood, friendship and cherishable memories.

Thanks for your visit, old boys. You are forever Xaverians and the alma mater will always welcome you with outstretched arms.

Piety Recess 2016-2017

About 30 alumni, students and teachers went to Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Cemetery to pay respect to the departed brothers who had served in Hong Kong. It is important that our Brothers’ dedication is always remembered.

Establishment of Greenovation, a JA company formed by Xaverians

The JA Company Programme provides an entrepreneurial learning experience for young people The programme seeks to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and civic-minded talents for Hong Kong. It is one of the largest youth entrepreneurship programs in Hong Kong.

With 32 Form 4 and 5 students in our school forming the company, Greenovation, has kicked off their fascinating journey of 9 months. Meetings will be held regularly every Saturday.

Justin Chan, the successfully elected CEO, introduced Greenovation during the morning assembly on October 28th. “Green Business” was the picked theme by the Xaverians. Promised to bring innovative elements to customers and shareholders, the name Greenovation, was formed. “The word Greenovation is the combination of two words: GREEN and INNOVATION.” He explained. “These are indeed the two core values of us.”

Meanwhile, Justin also delivered the vision and mission of the company, in which the mission statement is: “Change Your Lifestyle, Change The World.” Sworn to lead students from different classes, Justin _ to turn visions to clear missions, and to achieve them accordingly.

Apparently the boys have just ended their capital raising campaign, which took them less than two days to issue all the 200 public shares, costing $25 dollars each. Setting up counters in the campus, teachers and students purchased the shares during recess time, lunchtime and after school.

The students are now guiding by two business advisors, who voluntarily invest their time and experience in the company program. They are Mr. Paul Ho and Mr. Francis Chan – two alumni of our school.

Under the vote of all company staff members, 6 board of directors were elected. They are:

Chief Executive Officer
       5D Justin Chan Lok
Sales and Marketing Director
       5B Ben Wong Wing Lung
Production Director
       5D Alan Fung Ching Pui
Finance Director
       5D Michael Li Cheuk Ho
Human Resources Director
       5A Drake Chow Chun Hei     
Technology Director
       5A Ken Ho Ming Kit

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