SFX Junior Ambassadors Inauguration Ceremony 2016-2017

Each year, students with outstanding academic performances (Top 15 students of the junior forms in the first term) are honoured as the SFX Junior Ambassadors of that year. This year, parents of these students were invited to the Inauguration Ceremony to share the joy and honour with their sons on the 17th of March 2017. A Letter of Acknowledgement was sent to the respective primary schools for having laid a solid foundation for these students’ academic success. The ambassadors would then pay a visit to their Alma Mater to extend their heartfelt gratitude to their primary school teachers who laboured to foster the students’ growth and development. It is hoped that through this practice, students will learn to appreciate the effort of all those who have contributed to their academic achievements and personal development.

Prize Presentation – Athletic Team

During the morning assembly on 6th March 2017, we presented awards to members of our Athletic Team who won the A-grade Champion and B-grade 2nd Runner-up in the 4x100m Invitation Relay events during the 48th Sports Days of St. Francis Xavier’s School Tusen Wan.

Congratulations to the Athletic Team.

Classroom Display Board Competition 2016-2017

Recently, all classes in Form 1 to 5 have been very dedicated in decorating their classroom display boards for the captioned competition. The theme of the competition was “Marist 200” which marked the bicentenary foundation of the Marist Brothers. It was an honor to have our Principal, Mr. Iu, Mr. Leung Man Fai, Ms. Ki and Bro. John Chong to be the adjudicators.

The evaluation was based on three domains – theme and content (40%), visual layout (40%), and originality and creativity (20%).

After careful considerations, the judges finally determined a winner for each form – F.1A, F.2E, F.3B, F.4A and F.5C. Each winner would be awarded a certificate and a present.

Congratulations to the winning classes and thanks to all the participating classes! Winning is not the goal of this competition. It is the process and the experience working as a team to express our gratitude to the Brothers that counts. The hard work we put into the competition will contribute to our future success and become a part of our memory so dearly cherished when we grow up.

Parents Day 2016-2017

Our Parents Day was successfully held on 26th February 2017. It was considered a nerve-breaking day for many of our students due to the anxiety their felt when their parents met their form teachers and received the report cards for their first term exam results. All turned out fine, there were sure to be lots of excitements or disappointment but they were important part of a learning process. Let’s hope that those with good results will be humble and keep up their good work. For the others, you should redouble your effort and learn from your mistakes.

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