SFX Day 2016-2017

On St. Francis Xavier’s Day (2nd December 2016), we began the morning with a Holy Mass. After the Mass, the students eagerly participated in various activities, such as inter-house sports and debating competitions, movie appreciation and many more. It was a day with great religious importance and a day of great fun for our students.

F.4 Parents Gathering 2016-2017

The F.4 Parents’ Gathering was held on Saturday, 26th November 2016. 107 parents attended the function.

A briefing session on senior secondary curriculum was conducted by our Vice- Principal and our Career and Guidance Mistress informed the parents about the prospects of our students after their graduation. Afterwards, a sharing session was conducted by our Social Worker. She shared some tips on getting along with teenagers. Most of the parents found the event informative and helpful.

School Picnic 2016-2017

On 25th November 2016, we had our annual school picnic. As usual, F.3 students participated in a 2-day education camp while others had the freedom to choose their own destinations for their trip. It was a good day’s fun when teachers and students could put down their serious face in learning and relax.

F.3 Education Camp 2016-2017

All F.3 students enjoyed a two-day- one-night education camp held on 24th and 25th November 2016. Early in the morning, students attended a workshop and interactive activity educating them about understanding their own person traits and how to use that knowledge in building a career.

In the afternoon, the F.3 students were excited to get to the camp site at Lady MacLehose Holiday Village in Sai Kung. They played basketball, football, board games and other facilities in the camp site to relax themselves.

In the evening, they were all eager to the night show which was well-prepared by the organizing committee members from 4 classes. They designed different mass games for everyone. Accompanied by the form teachers, they competed joyfully and excitedly together and established a relationship of trust among them.

The next morning, a talent show was performed by each class. There was a wide variety of performances, from a skit to singing. Last but not least, a team building game designed by our social workers was the conclusion of the whole education camp. Students had to cooperate with their classmates to complete all the challenging missions.

All of the form teachers and students left the camp site with many unforgettable memories of the camp.

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