Prize Presentation of Volunteer Service Award Scheme

Besides sports, we always encourage our students to participate in other events. Throughout the year of 2014, our students contributed a total of 20,843 hours of volunteer service to the community.

The students won various awards in the Voluntary Service Award Scheme organized by the Social Welfare Department as follows: 23 Gold Awards – over 200 hours 49 Silver Awards – over 100 hours 85 Bronze Awards – over 50 hours

Principal Iu presented certificates to the following Gold Awardees:

4C Man Chun Kit, Yam Ho Kin
4D Chan Yiu Tung, Yeung Ka Hung
5A Cheung Tsz Man, Chow Chun Jin Jeffrey, Ho Ka Ming, Mok Wing Cheung, Suen Jason Chak Yan, Tong Ming Leung
5B Au Yeung Tak Shing, Ho Wing Pan, Lun Yue Chi Eugene
5C Kwok Bryan Michael Ting Nam, Kwok Tsz Chun, Miu Ho Yeung, Tse Ho Nam
5D Tam Yeung Chun, Tse Yan Chun
5E Kwok Hui Fung, Lau Edmund Sze Yui, See Cheuk Hin

Certificates of Silver and Bronze Awards will be presented to the winners by their Form Teachers.

We hope our boys will continue to contribute more to the community and learn to be responsible young men.

Prize Presentation of Inter-school Table Tennis Competition 2014-2015

Our Table Tennis Team members represented the school to participate in the Inter-school Table Tennis Competition 2014-2015. Medals were presented by Principal Iu to the winners, 5C Chan Chun Hin and 5E Au Man Ho Roy, who attained 2nd runner-up in the A Grade competition followed by the handover of trophy to the principal by the representative of A Grade, 5E Au Man Ho Roy.

This year, we have also achieved 3rd runner-up in the overall result of the Table Tennis Competition. The trophy was handed over to Principal Iu by the captain of the team, 5C Chan Chun Hin.

Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to seeing their outstanding performances next year.

Prize Presenation of Byjoss Open Fencing Competition

Our Fencing Team members participated in the Byjoss Open Fencing Competition and achieved first runner-up in the foil event. The winners are 2B Choi Hing Chung, 4A Wong Wing Hei and 4D Chan Ho Chun. Congratulations!

The Mr Varma Show

A fun and interactive way to learn English is through whimsical trivia questions! That is what happened in SFXC this week. Students were given a time limit to answer questions and brainteasers during their English class and were also asked to submit their own riddles for a display in the school foyer. The questions were a mixture of general knowledge, such as what is the largest country in the world and what is 7 x 9 = ? to idiosyncrasies which meant that the answer was in the question… for example, what word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly? – (the answer is of course, incorrectly) – there were even a few questions which enabled the students to learn vocabulary and idioms unique to the English language. What was more fun was that the students were given a series of tongue twisters to perform with each other – the best students were timed in a ‘grand finale’ during Thursday’s assembly. We can learn a lot of English through these types of activities and above all have a great time!

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