Friendly Match with Christian Zheng Sheng College

On 18th February 2016, we got the rare opportunity to host a friendly basketball match with the boys from Christian Zheng Sheng College (基督教正生書院). The school located in a secluded area on the Lantau Island has been famous for changing the lives of many young people. The positive spirit demonstrated by the Zheng Sheng boys during this friendly match was a living testimony of the school’s effort in life education and our Lord’s transformative power. The match served as a good value education opportunity for our school participants. It would be delightful to see more cooperation between Zheng Sheng College and SFXC in the future.

Teen Time – Life in a Boys’ School

On 15th February four students visited RTHK headquarters to record a discussion about “Life in a Boys’ School” for the radio programme ‘Teen Time’. Students were asked to prepare a short introduction on the topic and explain their points of view. They told many stories of their best experiences at the school and why this would be different to studying at a co-educational school.

As you may have expected, brotherhood and family spirit were common themes throughout the discussion. The radio DJ asked probing questions to develop the discussion further but also made the students feel at home in the radio booth. You can listen to the radio show from Wednesday 3rd March by tuning in to the ‘Teen Time’ link on the RTHK website!

S.K.H. Kei Wing Primary School Chinese Culture Day

On 5th February 2016, our school participated in S.K.H. Kei Wing Primary School’s Chinese Culture Day to celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival. Under the leadership of our Student Union, 30 Xaverians took part in this community service project and successfully put together 8 game booths to promote Chinese Culture among primary school students. The event lasted for 2 hours. All our participating students enjoyed a great time in creating festive atmosphere for our neighboring school, which a valuable service for our community.

Prize Presentation of HKOI

We are pleased to announce that our school did really well in the recent Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics (HKOI), a prestigious contest in computer knowledge among Hong Kong secondary schools. 4 of our students won medals which entitle them the privilege to represent Hong Kong in future international Olympiad competitions. Congratulations to all our winners:

Kung Mik Ke (5D ) and Lai Cheuk Wah (5C) - Bronze Medal in junior group
Luk Ming Ho (6D) - Bronze medal in senior group
Tse Ho Nam (6C) - Silver medal in senior groups

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