SFXC & SFXS Student Exchange Programme 2014-2015 (Phase 2)

After welcoming six students of SFXS to our school in the first phase of the SFXC & SFXS Student Exchange Programme 2014-2015, six of our students, namely 5A Mok Wing Cheung, 5B Ho Wing Pan, 5C Kwok Bryan Michael Ting Nam, Kwok Tsz Chun, 5D Chan Kai Long and 5E Lau Edmund Sze Yui attended lessons and experienced a one-week school life at our brother school, St. Francis Xavier School (Tsuen Wan) during the second phase of the programme. The boys got to experience a whole new environment and immerse themselves in new surroundings with different students and teachers.

Oxfam Musical Marathon 2015

Our school has been participating in the Oxfam Musical Marathon for 18 years and students find it a meaningful event as they could help raise money for the needy. This year, 11 students participated in the Oxfam Musical Marathon on 19th April 2015. The audience enjoyed our boys’ performances including singing, piano solo, er-hu ensemble, saxophone solo and many more. It was a valuable experience for the boys to be exposed to more musical performances while doing it for great cause.

Chinese Orchestra Service Programme

Our Chinese Orchestra, funded by the Music Office’s School Care Subsidy Scheme, performed at St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged on Saturday, 18th April, 2015. The elderly happily welcomed our boys and the smile on their faces showed that they enjoyed our performance very much. It was a great opportunity that our students got to meet Mr. George Elliot— an alumnus from St. Francis Xavier’s College, Shanghai, and they had a pleasant gathering in the afternoon.

Liberal Studies and Geography Study Tour to Kyushu, Japan

This year, the Liberal Studies and Geography Panels organised a trip to Kyushu from 8th to 14th April with an aim of enriching our students’ knowledge about renewable energy in Japan and the Japanese culture.

Twenty F.3 to F.5 boys visited the Shinmoji Incineration Facility and Geothermal Power Plant of Hatchobaru, where they learned about the importance and effectiveness of renewable energy and the modern incinerator.

Our students also visited Xavier High School in Yamaguchi, of which its patron saint was also St. Francis Xavier. They observed various lessons ranging from English, Science, Information Technology to Physical Education, experiencing the Japanese Senior Secondary Education. They also mixed and made friends with the Japanese students through interactive games. They all had a pleasant time staying with their new friends and found the school visit meaningful.

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