The World Scholar’s Cup

Six of our students took part in the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round 2014 in Singapore from 24 to 27 June. It is an international tournament requiring participants to research and learn about 6 different subjects including psychology, history, science, literature, art & music and social studies. We are glad that one of our students - Chow Ming Kin (Class 4A), ranked 21st in debates in the senior division this year. The other students also won several medals. More importantly, by participating in the event, our students had an opportunity to exchange values and ideas with the top scholars all over the world.

59th Graduation Ceremony

The 59th Graduation Ceremony was successfully held on the evening of 31st May 2014. Mr. Dicky Yip, Chief Representative of the Institute of International Finance for Asia Pacific, was cordially invited to be our Guest of Honour and present certificates to our graduates.

Brother Joseph, Supervisor of the school, initiated the ceremony with his welcome speech, followed by Principal Iu’s presentation of the school report. Next, Mr. Yip shared his experience and struggles when deciding his career path with all F.6 graduates.

Mr. Yip encouraged the graduates to pursue an achievable path that they desire and strive for their future goals with determination and resilience.

Good luck our dear F.6 boys! SFXC will always be your second home!

F.5 Joint-School English Oral Practice

58 students took part in the F.5 Joint-School English Oral Practice on 26th May 2014 at St. Paul School (Lam Tin). They all enjoyed 3 rounds of oral discussion with students from St. Paul School (Lam Tin), Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School and Buddhist Hung Sin Chau Memorial College.

The oral practice allowed them to experience discussing with students from the other schools in English to polish their English speaking skills.




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