Inter-school Swimming Competition

Principal Iu presented medals to the 2nd runner-up winners who won 4x50m free style relay in the Inter-school Swimming Competition 2014-2015. The winners included: 6D Ko Tsun Hei, 6D Ko Tsun Hon, 6C Ng Ka Pui and 4C Tsui Tak Sum.

In the 4x50m medley relay, silver medals were awarded to 2D Chan Jonas, 2A Wong Wan Yu, 2C Kwong Sing Chun and 1B Lau Siu Haang.

For the individual event, 6C Ng Ka Pui won the 3rd runner-up in Boys A Grade 200m freestyle.

2D Lam Yau Chun won the 3rd runner-up in Boys B Grade 50m backstroke.

2C Fung Chit Sze won the 2nd runner-up in Boys C Grade 200m breaststroke.

2C Kwong Sing Chun was the champion and 3rd runner-up in Boys C Grade 50m butterfly and Boys C Grade 100m freestyle respectively.

Overall, our swimming team members won the overall 2nd runner-up in Boys C Grade.

Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to their good results in the next inter-school competition.

Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2014

Principal Iu presented medals to the winners who participated in the Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2014.

For the MB group, the champion was 3D Wong Chun Wai and the 1st runner-up was 3B Yuen Chun Ho.

For the MA group, the champion was 5A Wong Yu Hong and the 1st runner-up was 5B Ling Hong Ting.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The Inauguration of the Clubs 2014-2015

The inauguration ceremony of the clubs marks the start of various interactive activities await the students this year. Principal Iu presented Badges to members of the Academic Group, Interest Group, Religious Group, Services Group, Sports Group and Service Teams. The pinning of the Badges represented that the students would give their utmost endeavor to organize club affairs throughout the whole year. We look forward to the activities ahead of us!

SFXC60 Logo

Our 60th anniversary celebration will take place this December and the logo for the anniversary has been finalized.

Marking the 60th anniversary of St. Francis Xavier’s College, the number “60” portrays the mathematical symbol of infinity and conveys the message of an infinite and everlasting pursuit of passing on knowledge and Catholicism to the next generation in the way of the Marists. The colours and diagonal pattern used in the logo represent the tone of the school tie that Xaverians wear to school every day.

Students and teachers are diligently preparing a series of activities of the theme “In the Way of the Marists” to be organized throughout the year. We all are looking forward to the grand occasion.

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