Piety Recess

Brothers, Catholic teachers, student representatives and old boys of both SFXC and SFXS attended the annual event ‘Piety Recess’ to pay tribute to the departed Marist Brothers on 17th May at St. Raphael’s Catholic Cemetery.

It started with a speech and a prayer led by Bro. Joseph and Bro. John to commence the liturgy. All attendees were invited to offer the frankincense and sprinkle the Holy Water onto the tomb of the Marist Brothers. May all the departed Brothers rest in peace in Heaven.

F.4 Inter-class Drama Competition 2013-2014

The five Form 4 classes have all staged a short drama show called “Bus Stop”. All the actors gave their best to play their votes and the audience enjoyed the performances with rounds of applauses.

Each class gave their best to enact their roles. The audience enjoyed each performance and applauded pleasurably....

The results of the competition are as follows:

The Best Team Work: 4C

The Best Sound Effect: 4C

The Best Spoken English: 4D

The Best Props: 4B

The Best Performance: 4D

The Best Actor: 4D Henry Tse


English Week

The English Week 2014 was held from 5 May to 9 May by the English Society to enhance students’ exposure to the English language and bring them the message that learning English is fun.

A total of eight display boards on the theme ‘travelling’ were put up on the ground floor.

Different lunchtime activities were organised, including stall games on Monday and Friday, Hangman on Wednesday as well as the regular Public Speaking Forum on Thursday. The English Society also prepared different form activities for teachers to conduct in class, including Treasure Hunt, song appreciation and watching documentary.




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