First Victory in Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2017-18

On 6th October, our school’s English Debating Team scored their first major victory in the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (HKSSDC) 2017-18. The HKSSDC is organized annually by Mr. Stan Dyer, the famous debater and educator who is renowned for promoting English debating among schools in Hong Kong. More than 300 teams have joined the competition this year and the motion for the first round of debate is that: “This House Believes That Hong Kong should significantly increase the use of robots to help look after the young and the elderly here.” Our English Debating Team 1, consisted of Stanley Siu (5C), Edwin Lam (4D) and Jonathan Ho (4A), supported the motion against Pentecostal Lam Hong Kwong School, one of the 4 Grand Final Champions last year. It was a fierce debate and we finally won due to our more solid arguments and stronger team cohesion. Congratulations to the SFXC English Debating Team and keep up the good work!

Mid-autumn Festival Gift Presentation

The Mid-autumn festival is here. While everyone goes home and enjoys the festivity with his or her family, our Marist Brothers are still serving far away from home and relatives. That was why the school decided to show them our gratitude by presenting a Mid-autumn festival gift in the morning of the Mid-autumn eve on 4th October. Though the gift itself was nothing compared to the sacrifice made by the Brothers, it represented our heartfelt gratitude and blessings to all the Brothers.

Dear Xaverians, let’s not forget our Marist Brothers in the midst of jubilant celebrations. May we all enjoy this festival in warm love with our families, Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

STEM activity: WWF HK – Mai Po Field Trip

To nurture students’ learning interest, enhance their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), all F.1 students were arranged a field trip to MaiPo Nature Reserve, which is recognized as a “Wetland of International Importance” under the prestigious Ramsar Convention in 1995.

Throughout October, each F.1 class was led by our science teacher to visit the natural reserve. During their visit, the students were able to observe and appreciate the special ecological features there. They also had the opportunity to conduct a field study, namely “habitat encounter”. Students had to manipulate special equipment and perform a data analysis using professional technology. This was definitely a fun and fruitful learning experience for our F.1 boys.

National Flag Raising Ceremony

As a tribute to the National Day celebrating the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the school conducted the annual National Flag Raising Ceremony during the morning assembly on 29th September 2017. In his speech, Principal Mr. Iu reminded us that, in spite of any political and ideological differences among ourselves, we should all be proud of our national identity as Chinese from a cultural and historical perspective. After the principal’s address, the flag raising ceremony proceeded solemnly with the national anthem playing in the background.

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