Announcement of Parent Manager Election 2021

The Parent Manager Election 2021 concluded successfully on 7 June 2021. The ballot-counting process completed under the supervision of Mr. Joseph Iu (the Principal) and Mr. Kenneth Ching (the Returning Officer). The results are as follows:

Vote secured by Candidate 1 – Ms. HUNG Lai Chun: 201

Vote secured by Candidate 2 – Mr. LAM Kin Fai: 380

Number of blank ballots: 116

Number of invalid ballots: 15

Parents will receive notification of the official results after the end of the appeal period.

Fundraising for the Covered Playground

Since the establishment of St. Francis Xavier’s College at 45 Sycamore Street, there has been a number of landmark renovation projects, including the extension work of the East Wing in 1968, construction of the West Wing in 1984, installation of air conditioners in all classrooms in 1992 and the School Hall in 1996, completion of the Jubilee Wing in 2005, to name but a few.

As one of the important milestones to mark the 65th Anniversary of the school, we have planned to refurbish the covered playground, turning it to a multi-purpose activity area for students, teachers, parents and alumni.

We are excited to announce that the renovation is in good progress – new tiles have been paved, laminated glasses and new metal wires have been installed. And we are now appealing for sponsorships to complete the rest of the renovation work, including installation of false ceiling, air-conditioning, LED wall, upgrading tuck shop facilities as well as other miscellaneous items. The total budget is estimated to be around 3 million dollars.

To make the above vision come true, your financial assistance is highly appreciated. Donations can be sent by post with a cheque payable to ‘The IMC of St. Francis Xavier’s College – A/C No. 2’ together a completed donation form. Any donations of more than $100 will receive a receipt for tax exemption purposes.

Please access the donation form here:

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