The Marist Publication for Support

To All Xaverians,

The Marist Publication for Support

The school is delighted to forward the message from the Marist Publication Committee that the very first book on the history of the Marist Brothers in China is finally published. (Please refer to the message below from the author and the Marist Publication Committee for more details.)

Alumni are welcome to obtain a complimentary copy from the School Office during office hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturdays).

To fund the initial publication and enable further release of books and their translated versions, your financial assistance is highly appreciated. (The donation form can be accessed via the following link: Here

Free copies are only available while stocks last. Please support this meaningful project!


Letter from the Author

We would like to share to all alumni of the two schools of the Marist Brothers in Hong Kong the book - “Dawn of the Word in Silence, the Adventure of the Marist Brothers in China”, the first fruit of our labour with our beloved late Bro. Joseph

The book recounts the strong and rich spiritual experiences of the very first Marist Brothers in China in 1891. Owing to the change of the situation in China, the Brothers gradually left the Mainland and came to Hong Kong in 1949. From here we can see the birth of SFXC, Kowloon and later SFXS, Tsuen Wan.

We hope it will touch the readers’ hearts and will inspire them in their search for truth of life, and can lead them on their spiritual journey. It is a ‘dream-come-true’ of Bro. Joseph before he passed away. As you all know, Bro. Joseph was one of the few Brothers left from China. Even up to the last days of his life in the hospital, Bro. Joseph was following in details the publication of this book.

The Marist Brothers, unique among other missionary congregations, are devoted solely to the education of young people. They have the deep desire for the salvation of children. The first six pioneers answered the invitation of the Bishop of Beijing to come to China in 1891 to teach with great passion. Over the past 100 years, the Marists in China overcame tremendous trials and obstacles of all kinds. The mission of the Marist Brothers in China remains as one of the most brilliant jewels in the Marist Institute. However, we know little of their stories in China!

The Marist Publication Committee comprising the Marist Brothers, teachers and alumni of the Marist schools in Hong Kong is dedicated to promoting the Marist Spirits in support of publication of the Marist works in China. We are writing to ask your financial assistance to the success of our publication projects in Hong Kong. We hope that through your contribution, we could share with many others the Spirit of the Marist Brothers and their remarkable stories.  Our target for the budget to carry out these projects is HK$600, 000.

We are happy to inform you that the book will be translated in Chinese in the near future and some other books are coming out soon. These books are all linked to the mission of the Marist Brothers in China.

Spes Stanley KU (K83)

Author of “Dawn of the Word in Silence”,

On behalf of the Marist Publication Committee,

The Marist Brothers, Hong Kong