F.3 Chinese Drama Competition

Our annual Chinese Drama Competition for F.3 students was concluded on 10th May 2017. This year, the Champion went to 3C. Congratulations 3C, the countless hours you spent in rehearsal finally paid off.

Price Presentation – Service Award

In the morning of 9th May 2017, we presented awards to students who received the Gold Certificates of Social Service from the Social Welfare Department. This year, we have 22 students receiving the Gold Certificates, 36 Silvers and 59 Bronzes. They altogether contributed more than 18 thousand hours to community services, allowing the school to receive the Golden Certificate of Appreciation from the Social Welfare Department. The boys made us very proud of their willingness to shoulder their social responsibilities. At the same time, we hope they have learned valuable lessons about our society through their engagements with the community.

Pre-final examination revision class 2016-17

To help F.1 to F.4 students prepare for the final exam, F.6 graduates, after sitting for the HKDSE, were invited to come back to be the tutors for their younger brothers. During the 8 days of revision, tutors and participants reported to the hall at 3:30 p.m. and did revision until 5:30 p.m. More than 100 students participated and around 20 F.6 tutors helped in the revision sessions. We are grateful for the volunteer service provided by our graduates. Their effort will certainly help boost our boys’ exam performances.

PTA Teachers Appreciation Day

On 2nd May, representatives from the PTA brought to schools gifts for our teachers as a token of appreciation from the parents. It was a meaningful event for teachers, parents and students as we learned to be thankful to the sacrifice made by others.

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