Prize presentation for the Swimming Gala of United Christian College

Principal Iu presented medals to our School Swimming Team members, F.5D KoTsunHei, F.5D KoTsun Hon, F.5D Kong Tsz Kin and F.5C Ng KaPui, who won the Championshipof the 4X50m free style invitation relay in the Swimming Gala of United Christian College (Kowloon East).

Congratulations to the above winners!

Prize presentation for the Inter-school Athletics Competition 2013-2014

Principal Iu presented medals to the following winners who joined the Inter-school Athletics Competition:

B Grade 1500m, 1stRunner-up: F.4A Ma Pak Lun

A Grade 110m Hurdle, 2ndRunner-up and A Grade 400m Hurdle.

2ndRunner-up: F.5B Chan Long Matthew

A Grade High Jump, Champion: F.5A Yu Shun Hang

Congratulations to the above winners!

Visit to the Chemical Waste Treatment Centre

To understand the principles of chemical waste treatment in Hong Kong, F.5 Chemistry students visited Ecospace Ltd, a Chemical Waste Treatment Centre, on 19th March 2014.

The students were given a tour of the factory and a presentation of the modern chemical technology in controlling chemical waste which further enriched their knowledge on waste management.

F.1 Reader’s Theatre Competition 2013-2014

“The Red Dragon” was narrated by F.1 students in the Inter-school English Reader’s Theatre Competition. They all gave their best performance and played their voice enthusiastically.

Their diligence earned them rounds of applause from the audience!

Congratulations to the following winners:

TheBest Team Work: 1B

The Best Narrator:  1B Ip Shun Yan

1st Runner-up:    1B

Champion:      1D

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