English Week

The English Week 2014 was held from 5 May to 9 May by the English Society to enhance students’ exposure to the English language and bring them the message that learning English is fun.

A total of eight display boards on the theme ‘travelling’ were put up on the ground floor.

Different lunchtime activities were organised, including stall games on Monday and Friday, Hangman on Wednesday as well as the regular Public Speaking Forum on Thursday. The English Society also prepared different form activities for teachers to conduct in class, including Treasure Hunt, song appreciation and watching documentary.




太平洋戰爭中的香港戰役 - 黃泥涌峽混戰

中國歷史學會於5月3日舉辦「太平洋戰爭中的香港戰役 - 黃泥涌峽混戰」考察活動。是次活動由梁立興老師帶領,慕光英文書院蔡耀倫老師協辦,連同25名學生由陽明山莊出發,考察日本在二次大戰時侵略香港的戰況,考察地點包括黃泥涌峽防空砲台、義勇軍第三連指揮部、軍用水箱、二號機槍堡、渣甸山日軍地道、金督馳馬徑、溫尼柏營D連第18排陣地、日軍火葬處、西旅指揮部、英軍停車場等。透過是此考察,同學深深體會到戰爭的殘酷,和平的可貴,與尊重生命的重要,大大擴闊了同學對香港歷史的認識。

Joint School Lenten Retreat

A total of 43 students participated in the Joint School Lenten Retreat organised by our school and SFXS, which was held on 16th April 2014 at SFXC.

At the beginning of the retreat, the teacher in-charge from SFXS, Mr. Chung, gave a welcome speech and led a warm-up game for the participants.Students from both schools shared their experience of taking part in the religious activities at their school.

Next, Rev. Deacon Joseph Sung, the spiritual director, gave a speech on how to present the role of Christians and urged the students to make good choices in their life.

Finally, all participants meditated on the passion of Christ to end their meaningful afternoon for the preparation of Easter.

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