Liberal Studies and Geography Study Tour to Kyushu, Japan

This year, the Liberal Studies and Geography Panels organised a trip to Kyushu from 8th to 14th April with an aim of enriching our students’ knowledge about renewable energy in Japan and the Japanese culture.

Twenty F.3 to F.5 boys visited the Shinmoji Incineration Facility and Geothermal Power Plant of Hatchobaru, where they learned about the importance and effectiveness of renewable energy and the modern incinerator.

Our students also visited Xavier High School in Yamaguchi, of which its patron saint was also St. Francis Xavier. They observed various lessons ranging from English, Science, Information Technology to Physical Education, experiencing the Japanese Senior Secondary Education. They also mixed and made friends with the Japanese students through interactive games. They all had a pleasant time staying with their new friends and found the school visit meaningful.

SFXC & SFXS Student Exchange Programme 2014-2015 (Phase 1)

The Student Exchange Programme between St. Francis Xavier’s College (SFXC) and St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan (SFXS) aims to enhance the communication between the two Marist Schools in Hong Kong and give an opportunity for the senior form students in both schools to expose to a different learning environment.

The first phase of the SFXC & SFXS Student Exchange Programme 2014-2015 started from March 16 to March 20.

On March 16, six F.5 students from SFXS, namely Poon Kwok Hei (潘國禧), Miu Chun Hong (繆俊康), Cheng Ho Yin (鄭浩諺), Yau Yue Cheong (邱裕昌), Lam Kwun Lok (林昆樂) and Li Kwan Tao (李鈞濤) came to our school to attend lessons and experience a week of school life at SFXC.

In the farewell party on March 20, Brother Joseph Chang, the Supervisor of both schools, Brother John Chong, the Regional Superior of the Marist Brother, Principal Iu, the F.5 form teachers and the six SFXS students gathered to share their insights and thoughts that they had gathered in the valuable and meaningful week.

Inter-school Athletics Competition 2014-2015

Our Athletics Team members participated in the Inter-school Athletics Competition 2014-2015. During the morning assembly, Principal Iu presented medals to the following winners:

A Grade 200m: F.5E Lin Jun Wai (3rd runner-up)
B Grade 400m: F.4A Kwan Hon Wai (2nd runner-up)
A Grade 500m: F.5A Mar Pak Lun (Champion)
B Grade High Jump: F.4C Yuen Wai Chiu (Champion)

Congratulations to the winners! They deserve such outstanding awards for their hard work!

Careers Related Experience: Winning a Championship from “Cabinet” Design Contest

MAN CHUN KIT(文俊傑) from F.4C, WONG TING HIN(王霆軒) from F4A, AU HOK KEI(歐學祈) from F.4C, and LING HO YIN HENRY(凌浩賢) from F.4C won a championship of an open design contest entitled "escaping from the cabinet"-that is "密室逃脫"設計大賽 organized by YES of HKSAR Government. The major aim of this competition is to empower our HK youngsters by giving them opportunities to think innovatively, to work cooperatively, and to express confidently so that their life skills can be sharpened and meet the ever-changing requirements of the job market in such a globalizing contemporary world. The general judge of the competition was impressed by their creative and feasible design. Congratulations to the winning team members and their victory can convey a positive message that all of our students, as the members of Xaverians, may also obtain brilliant achievements since our Xaverians are of great potential to move forwards and upwards.

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