Joint School Lenten Retreat

A total of 43 students participated in the Joint School Lenten Retreat organised by our school and SFXS, which was held on 16th April 2014 at SFXC.

At the beginning of the retreat, the teacher in-charge from SFXS, Mr. Chung, gave a welcome speech and led a warm-up game for the participants.Students from both schools shared their experience of taking part in the religious activities at their school.

Next, Rev. Deacon Joseph Sung, the spiritual director, gave a speech on how to present the role of Christians and urged the students to make good choices in their life.

Finally, all participants meditated on the passion of Christ to end their meaningful afternoon for the preparation of Easter.

SFX Talentine 2014

On Saturday, April 12, numerous guests, students and parents came to the school to

attend the annual Talentine held in the Champagnat Hall. Both afternoon and evening shows were a great success.

Enjoyable performances including Chinese and String Orchestra, Chinese Martial Arts, Reader’s Theatre, Fencing, Film-dubbing, Chinese Choral Speaking and many more were presented.

One of the events that caused the atmosphere to reach its climax was the drama “Korean War”. The plot included elements from current popular Korean TV dramas and celebrities. The entire audience was full of laughter and amusement. Applauses and cheers were filled in the hall. Everybody enjoyed it very much!

Finally, the show ended with the school song and Talentine came to a memorable closure.

Prize Presentation of the Inter-School Badminton Competition 2013-2014

Our school Badminton Team participated in the Inter-School Badminton Competition 2013-2014 (Division 2). The following members were the 1st runner up in the C-Grade event.


2A  Kwok Tsz Him
2B  Lo Wing Kan
2C  Chan Ka Fung
 Yee Cheuk Hin
1B  Ip Shun Yan
 Lin Hoi Leung
1C  Kong Kai Hin
1D  Chu Ting Yu

The following members came fourth in the B-Grade event:

4A  Lui Sheung Chi
4C  Chik Chun Him
4E  Chan Lok Hay
 Cheng Chun Kit
 Hui Kwok Hin
3A  Pang Man Hei
3B  Wong Ting Hin
3C  Yuen Wai Chiu
3D  Chau Tin Hei

Congratulations to all the winners!

Evangelization Week 2013-2014

Evangelization Week was held from March 31 to April 3 and the theme was “Grace”.

During the week, information about the theme and students’ writings were displayed around the school campus. Several events were held at lunch time for students to know more about “Grace”.

There was also a video presentation and teacher-adjudicators and class representatives voted ‘My beloved video of Grace’ to be the best video that represented the theme.

Two Tai Kwok Tsui Catholic Primary Schools (Tai Kwok Tsui Road and Hoi Fan Road) were invited to visit our school for the Evangelization Week display and the sharing of Brother John and CSA Committee members.

The guests were impressed with our religious development and hoped to visit our school again next year.

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