F.2 Parents Gathering on 9th November 2013

The F.2 parents enthusiastically attended the parents gathering today. They listened attentively to the talks about the school system, subject courses, academic learning, and disciplinary matters given by the vice-principal and teachers.

The school social worker also shared with the parents on how to react and respond to different challenges relating to children’s development. And the day ended with an interview with the Form Teachers.

Prize presentation to the School Fencing Team members

This morning, our principal, Mr Iu awarded medals to the winners of the Men’s Epee in the University of Hong Kong Fencing Open Tournament 2013. The winners were F.5E Keung Tak Ho, F.5C Sin Kwan Kit and F.5E Kuan Lok Wang. Sin Kwan Kit and Kuan Lok Wang also won the championship in the Men’s Epee Team, and the trophies were handed to Mr Iu by the captain on behalf of the fencing team.

Waste No Food MV Competition

Principal Iu awarded a cheque of $4000 to a group of students who won 2nd runner-up in the Secondary School Section in the “Waste No Food MV” competition organized by Friends of the Earth (HK).

Graduates of 1963 revisited SFXC

This afternoon, approximately 20 graduates of 1963 came back to SFXC for a warm visit. It has been a long time since their last visit of their alma mater. They came back to express their sincere gratitude to the teachers and they would like to see the latest development of the school. In addition, they donated a sum of money to the school to set up a scholarship fund to the outstanding students and those who are in need of financial support. The whole school enthusiastically applauded to thank the graduates.

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