F.2 Drama Competition 2014-2015

“Lace Up Against Bullying” was the performance piece for F.2 Drama Competition. All F.2 actors worked hard and performed well. Each class enacted the play and gave their best endeavor, in which the audience greatly enjoyed. It was a difficult decision for the adjudicators to select the winners. Finally, the winners were as follows:

Champion: 2A

1st Runner-up: 2C

The best pronunciation: 2A Ip Shun Yan

The best team work: 2D



F.1-2 Lunchtime Vocabulary Games

The boys from Form 1A were the first lucky contestants to participate in various games devised, created, and hosted by the English Ambassadors every Monday and Wednesday lunch from 13:20 to 13:50. Using an amalgamation of vocabulary from their English, Integrated Humanities and Integrated Science subjects, the participants took part in games such as “Pairs” (matching up the vocabulary with the corresponding picture), “Mind Blown” (finding the correct word using the description) and everyone’s all-time-favourite “Bingo” (but with the added twist of using the definition to identify the correct word). The enjoyment from Form 1A was clear from their beaming smiles and competitive nature to take part in all games, sometimes…more than once! There were some great prizes to be won and over the coming weeks more classes will take part in the games which will help students revise and practise what they have learnt in the classroom! 


Viewing of the Moon Eclipse

Hong Kong was one of the places that could view the total lunar eclipse that occurred on 8th October 2014. To observe such extraordinary phenomenon, the school Astronomy Club organized the viewing event at the Avenue of Stars in the evening that day. It was a pleasant night for the participants as they were captivated by the totality of the eclipse.

Athletics Meet 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 Athletics Meets were held on 6th and 8th October. Many students participated and did their best in the track and field events. This year, several primary schools were invited to join a relay competition and the primary students had fun in participating in our Athletics Meet. All participants showed their discipline and endeavor on being a true athlete…

In the end, Yellow House achieved the highest points and winners of each event were awarded at the prize presentation with a few record-breaking achievements! Students’ effort and contribution to the Athletics Meet is hoped to be reflected on their perseverance and attitude in their academic studies.

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