IT Exploration Tour

On 10th of April, a group of our F.4 students joined an IT Exploration Tour, which was a program under the International IT Fest. During the tour, our students visited a leading mobile marketing company called Cherrypicks. They were given updates on the latest technology in the business sector. They also got to immerse themselves into the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experience.

There can be so much fun in STEM education.

Reassignment of the School Supervisor

Due to ailing health and concern for his age, our beloved Brother Joseph has resigned as School Supervisor with effect from 17th March 2017. Although we all have a feeling of melancholy we are eternally grateful to Br. Joseph’s many years of resolute service and being among us.

During this period of transition Mr. Peter Lee (李崇德太平紳士) has been appointed as Acting School Supervisor by our School Sponsoring Body, the Marist Brothers. Mr. Lee is a renowned educator and has been a member of our school’s Incorporated Management Committee for a number of years. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Lee as Acting Supervisor and in praying for Br. Joseph’s good health and peaceful retirement.

SFX Talentine 2017

All interested alumni may reserve ticket(s) of SFX Talentine 2017 by calling the school General Office (Tel:2393-2271) during office hours or sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Simply leave your name, contact number and the number of tickets you desire, and pick up the tickets at the school General Office at the event prior to the show on April 1, 2017! For any enquiries, please contact Miss Connie Fan.

SFX Junior Ambassadors Inauguration Ceremony 2016-2017

Each year, students with outstanding academic performances (Top 15 students of the junior forms in the first term) are honoured as the SFX Junior Ambassadors of that year. This year, parents of these students were invited to the Inauguration Ceremony to share the joy and honour with their sons on the 17th of March 2017. A Letter of Acknowledgement was sent to the respective primary schools for having laid a solid foundation for these students’ academic success. The ambassadors would then pay a visit to their Alma Mater to extend their heartfelt gratitude to their primary school teachers who laboured to foster the students’ growth and development. It is hoped that through this practice, students will learn to appreciate the effort of all those who have contributed to their academic achievements and personal development.

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