Fencing Team Prize Presentation

On the 2nd of November, on top of celebrating with our Swimming Team, we also presented prizes to members of our Fencing Team, who had participated in the “Inter-school Fencing Competition 2017” held on the previous Sundays. Medals were presented to the following winning members.

  Athletes   Event     Prize
CHAN JOSHUA (陳梓軒) of 2E   Boys C-grade Foil       2nd runner-up  
WU CHUNG (胡聰) of 5C,
LEE HO CHING (李浩程) of 5C,
CHAN PAK HO (陳柏灝) of 3A.
  Boys Epee (Team Event)       2nd runner-up  

For the Boys Team overall result, our Fencing Team got the 2nd runner-up. Congratulations to all the winners of the Fencing Team.

Bruce Lee Book Introduction

It is well-known to Xaverians that Bruce Lee was our alumnus. On the 25th of October 2017, a few alumni visited us. They brought with them a new book written by Mr. Fung Ying Biu, another alumnus who graduated in 1974, and contemporary of Bruce Lee, to be dedicated to the school. In his book, Mr. Fung did some extensive research on Bruce Lee and showed us a side of the Kungfu Super Star that is rarely known to the world. On 31st October, the book was officially introduced by Principal Iu to all students and added to our library collection. Students are welcome to borrow it and have a glance at the legendary past of one of our most famous alumni.

Blood Donation Day

Our school’s Red Cross group recently organized a Blood Donation Day on the 31st of October to raise the awareness towards donating blood as a healthy and meaningful activity. Altogether, there were 47 successful blood donors. The school would like to thank all participants, including the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service Team, senior form students, teachers and the School Red Cross members for their contribution in making this meaningful event successful.

Athletic Meets 2017-2018

The annual Athletic Meets were held on 27th October and 3rd November 2017. This year, we had a record-breaking 550 students participated as athletes. We had 7 events producing new school records, including: A-grade Discus and Long Jump, B-grade Discus, Shot Put and 3000M, and C-grade 200M and 400M. We also, for the first time, having visiting guests from Beihong Senior High School of Shanghai joining us as student helpers, guest performers and contestants in a friendly event. In the end, the annual Athletic Meets were concluded with Yellow House claming the seat of overall champion and Cheung Cheuk Wang (2E), the individual champion. Congratulations to all the winners and a big round of applause for all the athletes.

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