Completion of Term for SU 2016-2017 (Nexus)

With the successful conclusion of the SU election a day before, the term of office of the Student Union 2016 – 2017 (Nexus) had came to a perfect close on 14th September 2017. Mr. Law Chun Yin (F.6C), the Chairman of Nexus (SU 2016 – 2017), delivered his assignment address to express his gratitude to different parties, especially to his committee members. A big round of applause, together with the certificates of appreciation, was given to them for they had worked diligently and whole-heartedly in serving the school and their fellow schoolmates in the past academic year.

SU 2017-2018 Election Day

The election of the Student Union for the academic year 2017-2018 was held on September 13th. “Alter”, the proposed SU cabinet this year, was put to a test by a democratic election. Our principal Mr. Iu Kwong Chi casted the first vote in this election during the morning assembly. The majority of the staff and students also voted throughout the day.

In the end, the total number of valid votes counted was 786, which accounted for 96% of the regular members of our school community (students and staff included). Out of the 786 votes, 601 (76%) voted for “confidence”, and 100 (13%) voted for “no confidence” in our only proposed SU cabinet. Hence, “Alter” was successfully elected. Let’s congratulate them and show them our greatest support by joining their coming activities in 2017-2018!

Student Union Electioneering 2017-2018

The Student Union Electioneering 2017-2018 kicked off on 4th September with the formal introduction of the nominated cabinet by the current Student Union Chairperson Mr. Law in the morning assembly. There is only one nominated cabinet this year. They are “Alter”, whose proposed Chairperson is Mr. Cheung Ho Ngai of Form 5D.

Starting from 2nd September, the nominated cabinet had made use of recess and lunch period to introduce themselves and promote their cabinet. The promotion campaign will end on the 8th of September. After that, an open forum will be held afterschool on 12th September, in which the nominated cabinet have to answer questions raised by different parties. Last but not least, the Election Day was scheduled for the 13th of September, which will then mark the end of the whole electioneering.

SFX Foundation Outstanding Excellent Performance Scholarship Award Ceremony 2017-18

Each year, the SFX Foundation awards scholarship to those with distinctive academic results in public examinations. This year, our F.6 graduates did brilliantly in the HKDSE examinations 2017. Five of them received the SFX Foundation Outstanding Excellent Performance Scholarship due to their exceptional achievements, including Leung Chi Ho who attained 5** in 6 subjects. Our distinguished alumnus, Mr. Allen Yeung, was among us to present the scholarships to the awardees. Congratulations!

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