Parents Day 2017-2018

Our Parents Day for 2017-2018 was successfully held on 11th February 2017. It was considered a nerve-breaking day for many of our students due to the anxiety their felt when their parents met their form teachers and received the report cards for their first term exam results. All turned out to be fine, there were surely lots of excitements and disappointments but they were all important parts of a learning process. Let’s hope that those with good results will be humble and keep up their good work. For the others, they should redouble their effort and learn from their mistakes.

Earthlings at JA Company Trade Fair

On the 10th February 2018, “Earthlings”, our student firm for the JA Company Program (JACP) this year, successfully put up its booth in the trade fair at Kwun Tong Vessel.

The event started with an opening ceremony in which our principal Mr. Iu received an award for the school's continuous support of the event for 5 years.

The main product of Earthling was EcoSac, an smart water bottle bag designed and handmade by our students. The product attracted a lot of customers' attention as they were amazed by the students' ability to integrate technology into eco-friendly materials.

The directors, led by CEO Poon King Leong from class 5B, completed their presentation in the JACP semi-final competition during the afternoon session. The team credited the two Business Advisors Paul Ho and Francis Chan, both our alumni, for their endless patience and kind support in each and every way.

Towards the end of the event, a group of fellow Xaverians and alumni surrounded the team and sang the school song together to celebrate their months of hard work.

Prize Presentation – Badminton Team

In the morning or 9th February 2018, we presented prizes to our school Badminton Team members. They represented our school to compete in the “Inter-school Badminton Competition” organized by HK Island & Kowloon Secondary Schools Regional Committee. Our B-grade Team won 2nd Runner-up. Winning members included:

RUAN Hoi Kwan (3C),
MA Tin Lok (4A),
LO Lok San (4B),
POON Cheuk Ngai (4B),
YUENG Cheuk Fung (4B) and
Segev Nadav (4D).

Congratulations to all the winners!

Prize Presentation of HKOI 2018

We are pleased to announce that our student Hugo Ho (5A) won a bronze medal in the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics (HKOI, 香港電腦奧林匹克競賽), a prestigious contest in computer programming knowledge among Hong Kong secondary schools. This entitled Hugo to represent Hong Kong in the coming international Olympiad competitions. Congratulations to our winner.

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