Joint School Pilgrimage

A Joint School pilgrimage was organized by the Pastoral Team of both St. Francis Xavier Tsuen Wan and Kowloon on the 1st of May to Yim Tin Tsai, a site whose cultural and religious importance are recognized by UNESCO. Participants of this pilgrimage tour included the Marist Brothers, teachers, parents and students from both school. Together we walked “the path of reconciliation with nature”, visited the museum, touched and tasted the locally produced salt, and toured around the island. It was a fun and memorable trip for all participants of the Marist family.

Donation from 1977 Graduates

Representatives of the 1977 Graduates paid the Marist Brothers a warm visit on 29th April 2018. During the gathering, Bro. John informed the guests the latest renovation progress of the Brothers’ Quarter and showed them around, during which they got to see first-hand how frugal our Brothers’ life is.

After graduating for 40 years, the Old Boys of 1977 were so generous yet humble to make a donation to the Marist Brothers to improve their living conditions.

Bro. John Chin, on behalf of the Marist Brothers, thanked the kind-hearted guests for their generosity and care, appreciating their unfailing support to their Alma Mater.

Praying Until Something Happens

This morning, Mr. Pong shared with us his insights on praying. Using a meaningful story about a man obediently following God’s command to push an immovable rock, Mr. Pong pointed out that the essence of praying lay within its process not its results. In other words, the primary reason why God wants us to pray is not to complete an impossible task, instead, we learn through prayer to persevere, to obey God and to term with the truth that He is the one making things possible. Let’s remember Mr. Pong’s words and keep praying unceasingly to gain spiritual muscles.

Prize Presentation – Video and Photo Taking Team

On 17h February 2018, we presented prizes to members of our Video and Photo Taking Team. They represented our school to compete in the “Hong Kong Drone Competition 2018” organized by International Academy of Management. Our representatives won the Merit Award for “The Most Creative Drone Decoration”. As for the main event, the Drone Short Clip Competition, our team won the Most Creative Award and Grand Champion. Congratulations, Video and Photo Taking Team, you have brought great honor to yourselves and to the school.

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