Prize Presentation – Digital Short Video Competition

In the morning of 26th February 2018, we presented a prize to our school Photo and Video Taking Team. Our representatives recently competed in the Digital Short Video Competition for “Inno-Action! The 6th HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project”. LI Si Hao and WONG Chun Long won the Special Mention Award for The Best Cult Drama. Congratulations to our representatives!

Visiting an Old Boy

On 26th February, our Chemistry Panel Master Mr. Ching led a group of F.5 students to visit Dr. Vincent Ko, one of our distinguished old boys from the Class 1996. He is an Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry in City University of Hong Kong. The purpose of our visit was to get advice for the Inter-school Chemistry Competition. Dr. Ko greeted us warmly. On top of giving us insightful advice, he also shared his study and research experience in his alma mater and university. It was no doubt a wonderful experience for both the hosting and visiting Xaverians.

F6 Cheer-up Gathering and Discussion of Papers

26th February, 2018 was the first of the three consecutive days our F.6 students came back to receive their mock exam results. To show them some support, a cheer-up gathering was held in the morning during which our recent graduates came back to share their experience in preparation for the HKDSE. Encouraging words from parents and teachers were also displayed, hoping that our boys could hang in there and gain the strength to keep going.

We wish our F.6 boys every success in their HKDSE.

Parents Day 2017-2018

Our Parents Day for 2017-2018 was successfully held on 11th February 2017. It was considered a nerve-breaking day for many of our students due to the anxiety their felt when their parents met their form teachers and received the report cards for their first term exam results. All turned out to be fine, there were surely lots of excitements and disappointments but they were all important parts of a learning process. Let’s hope that those with good results will be humble and keep up their good work. For the others, they should redouble their effort and learn from their mistakes.

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