F.1 & F.2 Parents Gathering 2019-2020

The F.1 & F.2 Parents Gathering for 2019-2020 school year was recently held on the 9th November. Totally 235 parents attended our seminar that introduced our school’s academic structure, discipline policies and student support measures. We also invited an experienced social worker from the NGO Yan Oi Tong to give a talk for our parents. After the seminar, parents had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with their sons’ Form Teachers. The gathering had become a meaningful and fruitful event thanks to our parents’ active participation.

Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Awards Ceremony

The 11th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election was concluded by an award presentation ceremony held on the 2nd November 2019. Our student LAU Wai Ting (劉韋廷) of F. 4A received the Most Outstanding Student Award for Junior Grade and SIT King Yin (薛敬彦) of F.6B received the Excellent Student Award for Senior Grade.

Congratulations to our outstanding students! You have brought honor to yourself and to the school.

F.6 Parents Gathering 2019-2020

The F.6 Parents’ Gathering for 2019-2020 was held on the 26th October 2019. Around 170 parents attended it. Our Principal, Mr. Iu welcomed the parents with his meaningful sharing on students’ talents. It followed by a briefing on the JUPAS scheme, the selection of programme choices and other learning experience. Our school Social Worker Ms Lui then shared the importance of appreciating students’ talents and how the parents might accompany their sons on the stressful journey of DSE. After the session in the hall, the parents went into classrooms to meet and exchange ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank all the F.6 parents, whose care and love to their sons will surely bear fruits.

Athletic Meet 2019-2020 Day 2

The Day 2 for the 53rd Athletic Meets (2019-2020) was held on 25th October 2019. This year, under the unstable social atmosphere, we cancelled all our after-school cheer-leading training sessions, and hence also the chear-leading performance. Despite that, the passion of our cheer-leading teams for the four houses did not dwindle. And once again, than God for the good weather, the competition events were concluded successfully.

The final overall scores for the four houses were: Red 872, Yellow 863, Blue 778, and Green 660. Congratulations, Red House for winning the overall champion.

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