Phase II of Fund Raising Campaign to Revitalize the Brothers’ Quarters

Dear Alumni & Parents,

Phase II of Fund Raising Campaign to Revitalize the Brothers’ Quarters

During the celebration of jubilees of both schools a few years back, alumni and the Principals of both schools voiced their concern about the poor living conditions of the Brothers. Thanks to the donations collected in the previous years, Phase I of the revitalization project has been completed, including renovation of four residence rooms for the Brothers on 3/F, SFXC and completion of the Heritage Gallery on 4/F, SFXC. The rooms have been dormitories for exchange students from other Marist Schools, and the Gallery displays important historical documents of the Marist Brothers and the school.

To complete the 12 remaining residence rooms for the Brothers, Phase II of the fund-raising campaign was officially kicked off at the Home-coming Concert on 29 December, 2018 (Saturday). Based on the experience of Phase I, it costs around $150,000 to $200,000 to renovate one room.

The school would like to appeal to all Alumni for their generous donation. Receipts will be issued for tax exemption purposes. As a token of gratitude, the following souvenirs will be presented. Donation of $5,000 A commemorative watch Donation of $10,000 or above A commemorative music box

Principal’s Presentation at the Home-coming Concert:

Donation Form:

The revitalized residence will not only provide our Brothers a better living condition, but also make it possible for organizing different alumni activities, functions, meetings and exchange programmes with other Marist Schools. Please kindly support this meaningful project!

St. Francis Xavier’s College


本 校 中 文 科 中 三 話 劇 比 賽 已 於 四 月 十 一 日 順 利 完 成 。各 班 須 按 照 〈 木 蘭 辭 〉 、 〈 爸 爸 的 花 兒 落 了 〉 或 〈 背 影 〉 的課文內容作故事改編(前╱後傳亦可)及創作劇本一份。各班在比賽前都密鑼緊鼓地認真排練,並利用有限的經費製作維妙維肖的道具。比賽當日,各班均施展渾身解數,台下師生都非常看得投入、拍案叫絕。


F.5 Parent’s Gathering 2019

The F.5 Parents’ Gathering for 2018-2019 was held on the 30th of March with 99 parents attending the function. Our Principal, Mr Iu welcomed the parents with his inspiring sharing about patience with their sons. He quoted the growing experience of our alumni and ensured the parents that their children would shine one day. The gathering then continued with the introduction of our senior curriculum assessment system delivered by Mr Leung, our vice principal. Our Career Mistress, Miss Chan then introduced the multiple pathways of the post-secondary education. Lastly, our school Social Worker, Ms. Lui, shared some appropriate ways for parents to show their love and support to their stressed sons. After the session in the hall, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank those F.5 parents, whose care and love is invaluable to their children.

Open STEM Lesson

On 26th March 2019, an open STEM lesson called ‘Blood Spatter – Be a Crime Scene Investigator’ was conducted for F.2A. It was one of the STEM activities suggested under the Professional Development Schools (PDS) Scheme, led by Maryknoll Fathers' School. This particular open lesson covered topics in Mathematics, Integrated Science and ICT. More than 10 teachers from different schools were involved and joined the lesson as observers. The students were put into groups, did measurement on bloodstains, obtained angles of projection using knowledge of trigonometry and set up projection lines for locating the position of the point of impact. Finally, by means of mathematics software, they could modify the accuracy of the best position of the point of impact. The lesson was conducted successfully and the students really enjoyed it.

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