F.6 Parents Gathering 2019-2020

The F.6 Parents’ Gathering for 2019-2020 was held on the 26th October 2019. Around 170 parents attended it. Our Principal, Mr. Iu welcomed the parents with his meaningful sharing on students’ talents. It followed by a briefing on the JUPAS scheme, the selection of programme choices and other learning experience. Our school Social Worker Ms Lui then shared the importance of appreciating students’ talents and how the parents might accompany their sons on the stressful journey of DSE. After the session in the hall, the parents went into classrooms to meet and exchange ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank all the F.6 parents, whose care and love to their sons will surely bear fruits.

Prize Presentation for Swimming Team

On 24th October 2019, we presented awards to members of the School Swimming Team for their victories in the Inter-school Swimming Competition 2019 organized by the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Secondary Schools Regional Committee. The most notable awards included Champion in Boys C Grade 4x50m Medley Relay, 2nd Runner-up in Boys A Grade overall, 1st Runner-up in Boys C Grade Overall and 2nd Runner-up in Boys Overall.

Congratulations, Swimming Team, way to go!

Homecoming Visit of Class 1974 Alumni

On 21st October 2019, 9 of our alumni from the Class 1974 came back to visit their alma mater. This year also marked the 50th anniversary of their first admission into SFXC as F.1 boys back in 1969. On this special day, they were given a campus tour as they put on the SFXC uniform again to reminisce their fond memory of their old secondary school lives. They also visited some classes and communicated with their young Xavieran brothers. The event was a sweet reunion of brotherhood, friendship and love.

Dear old boys of Class 1974, you are forever Xaverians and the alma mater will always welcome you with outstretched arms.

SFXC Mentorship Scheme 2019

The SFXC Mentorship Scheme was one of the celebration programmes in the SFXC 55th Anniversary, it is heading towards the 10th anniversary in the coming year. The SFXC Mentorship Scheme aims to tap the invaluable resources amongst our alumni to complement the efforts of the SFXC teaching staff in facilitating the all-round development of Xaverians. Thanks to the unfailing support and participation of our alumni and students, we have recruited a lot of mentors and mentees to join this meaningful platform throughout the years, passing on the Xaverian spirit.

The scheme paired up more than 45 mentors and 100 mentees from senior forms last year. This year, we would like to carry on the scheme to pass on the SFXC excellent tradition. Alumni are invited to take part in becoming a mentor of the Mentorship Scheme to the current F.4 students before their secondary school graduation. The Kick-off ceremony will be held at 5:00 pm on 18 January 2020.

If you are interested to contribute, please complete the online application form Here on or before 30 October 2019. For enquiry, please contact Ms Phoenix Chong, the co-ordinator of the SFXC Mentorship Scheme at 23932271.

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