InsurTech Competition

On 25th of November, our team, InsurWave (5C Anthony Law Pui Huen, 5D Edwin Lam Ling Chun, 5C Brian Chung Tsz Wa, 5B Edmund Li Ze Qing), joined the Final Round in the InsurTech Competition organized by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and held in Cyberport.

We have set up a booth and demonstrated how our app Microwave, jointly written by our team members, helps busy citizens choosing the most suitable insurance plan amongst tens if not hundreds of choices, while also paying attention to the needs of clients and integrating a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. The team also demonstrated how the use of technology can help clients understand the complicated terms and conditions in the insurance industry, as well as calculating and comparing prices to keep the options economical as well. Our booth was visited frequently by judges and visitors as they all wanted to get their hands on tailor-making their best medical and travel insurance plans.

The team also gave a stunning 7 minutes of presentation about the aims of designing the app and a real time demonstration of the app to a panel of judges. During the 3 minutes Q&A, our team also handled the questions from the judges in a well manner.

The team's effort has earned them a place in the First Runner-up out of more than twenty entry teams, and a scholarship of $20,000. The school wishes this event serves as a motive for the team to pursue their careers and expand their creativity and entrepreneurship in the future.

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“Face to Face with the Principal” (一期一會) 2018-2019

“Face to Face with the Principal” (一期一會) is a 2-hour parent workshop conducted by our principal Mr. Iu with participating parents from each of the F.1 classes. For years, Mr. Iu has taken it upon himself to communicate with and reach out to parents using this platform. Thanks to the coordination the SFXC PTA, the “Face to Face” meetings in 2018-2019 school year were concluded recently with 1A meeting on the 6th of Nov. 1B on the 8th, 1C on the 13th, 1D on the 15th and 1E on the 20th. All participating parents, form teachers and Mr. Iu himself found the meetings conducive towards understanding each other and our students.

F.1 Admission Information Day 2018-2019

On the 17th November 2018, we successfully held our F.1 Admission Information Day for the F.1 students of 2019-2020 school year. More than a hundred students and parents helped out in putting the event together. The programs included a seminar introducing our school and a campus tour led by student helpers. All the available seats were booked out in the first two days after we opened the registration link. In the end, we have more than 1,500 guests joining the three sessions of our Information Day. Each session was concluded by singing the school anthem thunderously by our student helpers, teachers, alumni and even parents. It was a wonderful moment to showcase our solidarity and Xaverian spirit, which no doubt, impressed our guests very much.

Prize Presentation – VA Video-taking Competition

3 teams of our students have recently participated in the 2018-2019 Hong Kong EcoCinema Festival organized by the Association of Hong Kong Visual Arts and Culture Education. Their short films entered a video-taking competition with the theme “Climate War” and won great recognitions. The team comprising Li Brandon (4C), Cheng Wai Shuen (4D) and Wong Rick (4D) won the Best Award and Environmental Award, while the other team headed by Kan Chun Hei (4A), Wan Tsan Ho (4B) and Tam Chun Ho (4C) won the Outstanding Award, Best Motions Award and Superior Performance Award. Congratulations!

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