F.2 Parents’ Gathering (2023-2024)

On 2nd December 2023, 115 parents attended the F.2 Parents’ Gathering for 2023-2024. The function began with a welcoming speech by our Principal, Mr. Leung, followed by the sharing of the academic structure and National Security Education in our school by our Vice-principal, Mr. Ching. Our discipline mistress Ms. Pak then gave some reminders about students’ behaviour. After that, our school social worker, Ms. Wong, brought some ideas about resolving the conflicts between parents and children. After the main session,, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank our F.2 parents, whose active participation and sharing made the gathering a fruitful and insightful event.

Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows 2023-2024

On the 15th November and 30th November 2023, the SFXC Chinese Orchestra, SFXC String Orchestra and the SFXC Wind Band participated in the 2023 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows.

In the contest, the Chinese Orchestra won the Bronze Award in the Secondary School Class A, the String Orchestra and the Wind Band won the Silver Award in the String Orchestra Interflow Class A and the Symphonic Band Interflow Secondary School Intermediate Class respectively.

Congratulations to our Music School Teams! Keep up the good spirit and fight the good fights in the coming competitions!

F.1 Admission Information Day 2023-2024

About 820 parents and pupils from primary schools gathered at the school on 18th November, 2023, to attend the three sessions of our Information Day.

The program began with a seminar introducing our school and the Form 1 enrolment procedure, followed by the sharing of SFXC students about Marist education. In the first two sessions, our guests also had an opportunity to join a campus tour, where they visited our campus and witnessed students' demonstrations on different subjects and activity groups. The last session concluded with delightful student performances. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the program and expressed a keen interest in learning more about our school.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the students, teachers, parents, and alumni who gave their best to make this Information Day a resounding success.

F.4 PARENTS' GATHERING (2023-2024)

On 28th October, 98 parents attended the F.4 Parents’ Gathering. The function began with a welcome speech by our Principal, Mr. Leung, followed by the sharing of senior secondary curriculum & concerns about the HKDSE by our vice Principal Mr. Ching. Our Life Planning and Career Guidance Committee Mistress, Miss Chan, then introduced the multiple pathways of post-secondary education. Our school discipline mistress Ms. Pak also gave some reminders about students’ behavior. Lastly, our school Social Worker, Mr. Shek, shared some insightful ways for parents to show their care and support to their sons when stepping into the senior secondary stage. After the main session, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the form teachers. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the F.4 parents whose care and love are invaluable to their children. Their active involvement in this gatherings significantly contributes to the holistic development and success of our students.

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