Form 6 Cheer-up Gathering

To prepare our Form 6 boys for the challenging months ahead, a cheer-up gathering was held on the first teaching day on 4th September 2018. During the gathering, three young alumni, who are now undergraduates, came back and shared their studying strategies for HKDSE and how they struck a balance between study and rest.

We hope our Form 6 boys are clear about their goals and are determined enough to go for them.

Commencement of Academic Year 2018-2019 & School Opening Mass

Back to school!

The new academic year of 2018-2019 was kicked off with our traditional School Opening Mass. This year, we have 127 new students joining our school, including 3 transfer students. They experienced first time the SFXC religious atmosphere and the Xaverian Spirit, which was manifested by our thunderous singing of the school song and ground shaking 3 Cheers. Along with the new students, we have a new teaching staff, Mr. Ko Hoi Wai (高凱威) who will be teaching Mathematics and Integrated Science.

During his school opening address, our principal Mr. Iu introduced to all Xaverians the two school-wide goals (major concerns) for the coming three years: 1) to strive for effectiveness and innovation in learning and teaching; and 2) to carry on the tradition as a Catholic school with Marist distinctive styles.

May all the members of our Xaverian community do our best to work towards these goals and enjoy a very fruitful academic year.

F.1 Induction Day Camp 2018-2019

On 28th August 2018, we held our F.1 Induction Day Camp for the new batch of F.1 students. Early in the morning, they gathered in the classrooms with their classmates, form teachers and Big Brothers to get acquaintance with each others.

Following a warm up session, they engaged in challenging team building activities in the school hall. After that, the Big Brothers took the F.1 students to explore the nearby district. At the same time, they had to choose their lunch carefully in order to win the “Healthy Lunch Competition”, which aimed educating teens the importance of having healthy diets.

In the afternoon, the new boys were excited to explore the school campus in a Treasure Hunt. During the meaningful sharing by F.2 students and Big Brothers, the F.1 students found it useful and interesting for them to adapt the new learning environment. After a day of adventuring and overcoming challenges together, the Big Brothers established a relationship of trust with their younger brothers. All the participants left the school with endearing memories of the first day they spent in school together.

“Be a Government Official for a Day” Program

"Be a Government Official for a Day" is a program organized by the Commission on Poverty and designed for senior secondary school students. It aims at giving selected participants the opportunity to shadow a Principal Official (PO) from a prominent government branch on his/her job for one day to gain hands-on experience of the PO's work and a better understanding of the Government's operation. The program also allows the PO to listen to the students’ views and suggestions on different policy issues.

Recently, one of our Form 5 students, Mak Chit Yuk, was selected to shadow the Secretary for Education, Mr. Kevin Yeung, for a day during this summer holiday. Together with another female student from St. Margret Co-ed English Secondary school, Mak Chit Yuk followed Secretary Yeung to meet the Ambassador of Finland, to make promotional videos for Respecting the Teachers Day and to attend meetings with representatives from various educational bodies. It was surely an eye-opening and inspiring experience for any student participant. It is hoped that such kind of experience can be extended to more students, which allows them to gain more exposure and broader perspectives.

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