STEM Activities - Physics in Motion 2019 @ Ocean Park

“Physics in Motion 2019” was one of the STEM activities we organized this year. It was held in Ocean Park on 4th May 2019 (Saturday). There were 38 F. 4 physics students participating in this inspiring event. Ocean Park provided us educational programmes that blend into the school curriculum. It offered diverse learning opportunities and encouraged our students to appreciate and bond with the nature. It incorporated an experiential learning approach with students making discoveries and getting inspiration through their own observations. The learning process was very interactive. There were many opportunities for active participation and more time for reflection and sharing. Students’ insights could then be integrated into their daily lives which motivated our students to think and to facilitate self-learning. Please enjoy watching the “Physics in Motion 2019” video of our students by clicking the following link:
or scanning the following QR code:

HKICPA Accounting and Management Case Competition 2018-19

This year, we had4 teams of students joining the HKICPA Accounting and Management Case Competition. Two teams received the certificate of proficiency and the other two, the certificate of appreciation. On 4th May 2019, they attended the award ceremony of the competition.

Throughout the competition, students were required to prepare a business proposal for a real-life business case, the ‘HKTV Ltd. They needed to review HKTV’s financial performance and prepare a business plan for the company’s future development. Also, they attended seminars to enhance their financial analysis, business management and proposal writing skills. For example, they learnt to use different tools, such as ratio analysis and SWOT analysis, to analyse the company’s status. We are glad to see that students can apply what they have learned in the classroom and we hope that this competition can hone our students’ skills in business as required by today’s business world.

Interflow - SFXC and SFXS 2018-2019

The annual Student Exchange Programme between St. Francis Xavier’s College (SFXC) and our brother school St. Francis Xavier’s School Tsuen Wan (SFXS) that lasted for a week between was successfully concluded by a debriefing session held in our school on 3rd May 2019. During the gathering, 7 students from SFXS and their paired buddies from our school shared about what they had learned and their fond memories from this exchange experience.

Establishment of Sister-school Bond with Shanghai Beihong Senior High

Towards the end of the Easter holidays, our principal Mr. Iu and vice-principal Mr. Ching led a delegate of 16 students to Shanghai for a 5-day trip between 22nd to 26th April 2019 to officially establish a sister-school bond with the Shanghai Beihong Senior High School. The declaration signing ceremony was held on the 23rd while for the rest of the trip, our students got to tour around the city, attend regular lessons in Beihong Senior High and participate in cultural exchange activities. During their stay in Shanghai, our students lived with their host families along with the Beihong student ambassadors. It was an eye opening experience for our students and the establishment of the sister-school bond was a historical moment signifying a new era of collaboration and exchanges for both schools.

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