F.6 Seminar 2023

As the day of releasing the HKDSE results is approaching, the school organized an F.6 Seminar to further prepare our F.6 students for their upcoming university entries. The seminar has been successfully held on 8th July 2023.

The seminar consisted of several key highlights, most notably, talks concerning the logistical arrangements of JUPAS choices, the delineation of estimated results calculated by the school, and the alumni sharing session/guidance workshop.

Kudos to the talks, our students have become experts in the proceedings concerning the day of release of the HKDSE results and the matters that follow. From the modes of receiving their results to the procedures of securing a JUPAS offer, a plethora of essential information has been delineated in the event.

In the latter half of the programme, the F.6 students have donned the opportunity to hear from our alumni, their big brothers, to share their experience in dealing with the challenges related to programme selection, career planning, and beyond. The knowledge dispended in the workshop is nothing short of enlightening and invaluable.

With that, we wish our boys all the success in the HKDSE and in their future endeavors.

One-day Cultural Exchange Trip to Shenzhen

On 26th June 2023, 40 students of Form One and Form Two went on a one-day trip to Shenzhen as part of an exchange programme entitled ‘深港同心向未來2023大灣區青少年交流活動’, which is organized by Shenzhen Overseas Friendship Association (深圳海外聯誼會), Yau Tsim Mong District Office (油尖旺民政事務處) and Social Seed (社企苗).

During the trip, our boys visited Dafen Oil Painting Village (大芬油畫村), Shenzhen Longling School (龍嶺學校) and China Silk Culture Industry Creative Park (中國絲綢文化產業創意園). Our boys all enjoyed the trip and it is believed that they have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of the history and development of our Mainland.


Parent Activity on Mental Well-being

To raise parents’ awareness of mental well-being and help them lead a healthy lifestyle with their children, our School organized a parent activity with the theme of “mental well-being” on 10th June 2023. There were two parts to the activity. The first part is a talk on “Taking care of Student’s Mental Well-being”, delivered by Mr. Harrison Sit, our School’s educational psychologist. Then it was followed by a workshop on “Lovemeology” held by Miss Law Wing Yan from the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. Parents participated in a series of mindfulness activities, including stretching, tea tasting and drawing Zentangle patterns, they enjoyed the relaxing moment and learnt to take care of their own mental well-being.

Parents and our School would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Sit and Miss Law for the fruitful and graceful afternoon again!

Ocean Park Physics Field Trip

Our recent field trip to Hong Kong Ocean Park provided an exciting and educational experience for our F.5 Physics students, who enjoyed riding the roller coaster while learning about its engineering and physics principles. The design and construction of roller coasters require a deep understanding of engineering principles such as structural design, materials science, and safety regulations. By experiencing the ride firsthand and applying their knowledge of physics, our students gained a greater appreciation for the complex engineering behind it. We believe that this interdisciplinary approach to roller coaster design and construction can inspire students to pursue careers in engineering and demonstrate the practical applications of STEM education.

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