The 35th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition

After 6 months of intense competition. The 35th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition has finally come to a close. This year, our boys of the English Debating Team have achieved a historical feat of reaching the Quarter-Finals, before falling short to the eventual Grand Finalists of the competition – Heep Yunn School. Our team consisting of students: 6D Lam Ling Chun, 4A Lau Wai Ting, 4B Fung Chi Hang, and 4B Hon Tsz Kit, have been awarded ‘The Most Improved School Award’ for their outstanding efforts. On top of that, 6D Lam Ling Chun secured the ‘Best Debater’ and ‘Best Interrogative Debater’ awards in the First Preliminary, and 4B Fung Chi Hang clinched the ‘Best Debater’ award in the Third Preliminary. Huge congratulations to the team!

14th Daily Readers “Read Out Loud” Competition

Two of our F1 boys, 1B Li Li and 1C Yeung Chin Wing, entered the finals of the 14th Daily Readers Read Out Loud Competition organized by KEA Learning International Limited on 30th May, 2020, and we are pleased that 1B Li Li was awarded the Bronze Award in the Junior Secondary Section.

The competition is an annual event supported by Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), which encourages participants from the schools in Hong Kong and Macau to be confident and eloquent speakers of English. This year, despite the corona virus, the competition was successfully held via Zoom. We hope our boys have enjoyed and gained much from this valuable experience.

The video of the competition can be accessed through the following webpage:

Hong Kong Student Sports Award 2019-2020

Our student, KWONG Ka Wang Stephen 4A(13), was recently awarded the Hong Kong Student Sports Award 2019-2020 during the 15th Anniversary of the A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Award Ceremony. This award is given annual to recognize students with outstanding performances in sports. As for Stephen, his exceptional performances in both athletics and football were the reasons behind his election to receive this honour. Congratulations, Stephen!

Free disinfectant hand gel donated by our alumni

Dear Boys,

During the class suspension period, it is of crucial importance that we all pay attention to our personal hygiene, including keeping our hands clean.

The school is delighted to have received the generous donation of disinfectant hand gels from a group of 1990 alumni. All of you can come back to the school office to get ONE bottle during office hours.

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