'Greenovation' joining the JA Asia Pacific ‘Company of the Year’ event in Beijing

‘Greenovation’, the JA Company of our school in the last academic year (2016-2017), together with ‘Harness’ from St. Clare's Girl School, are traveling to Beijing over the Easter holidays to compete for the JA Asia Pacific ‘Company of the Year!’ Being the champion and the first runner-up of the JA Company of the Year Award last year, they will be representing Hong Kong to compete with other award-winning JA companies from 15 countries and territories all around Asia. 4 F.5 Greenovation members, namely Jason Poon of F.5B, Harry Tang of F.5C, Perry Chan and Ivan Yim of F.5D, are proud and excited to represent our school and Hong Kong to compete in this event. More importantly, they are striving their best to spread the message of ‘changing the world through changing one’s lifestyle’ to everyone around the world by offering carbon credits to offset carbon emission. Such meaningful notion and action is well worth of our support!

Swimming Lessons

Along with our newly introduced golf element to our F.5 P.E. curriculum, we included swimming lessons for our F.2 students for the first time in our school history. During March and April, we took our F.2 students to learn swimming at the Tai Kok Tsui Swimming Pool. The logistics involved to bring students there could be daunting, but our P.E. teachers were able to manage and our F.2 boys really enjoyed some springtime splashing fun.

New P.E. Element - Golf Lessons

For the first time in our school history, we started to include golf lessons in our P.E. curriculum starting from this year. In March and April, we took our F.5 students out to The One Golf Club in Kwan Tong to learn the basics of playing golf. Though a lot of hassle was involved to have P.E. lessons outside of our school campus, it all paid off when it came down to the enriched learning experience for our students.

Recognition for More than 10,000 Hours of Services

In recognition of our students’ active participation in volunteer work in 2017, the Social Welfare Department of HK SAR had recently informed us that we would be awrded the 10K-Hour Social Services Award again. It is a recognition for schools that have contributed more than 10,000 hours of social service in a year. In fact, our students had contributed almost double that amount last year. We are so proud of our boys’ willingness to shoulder social responsibilities and lend a helping hand to those who need it.

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