F.4 Parents Gathering 2018-19

The F.4 Parents Gathering was held on Saturday, 27th October 2018. 105 parents attended the function.

Following the opening speech by our principal, our vice-principal gave a briefing concerning the assessments under senior secondary curriculum. The head of our Career Guidance Committee then informed the parents about the different pathways the students could choose after their graduation. Afterwards, a sharing session was conducted by a guest speaker, Mr. Kinder Lee, an experienced social worker. He shared some tips on what parents could do to help their son overcome study stress. Most of the parents found the event informative and helpful.

The event was concluded with a meeting between parents and form teachers. The feedback from the parents showed that the event was very successful and conducive towards bridging communications between the school and our F.4 parents.

F.6 Parents Gathering 2018-19

The F.6 Parents’ Gathering for 2018-2019 was held on the 21st of October and 97 parents attended it. Our Principal, Mr. Iu welcomed the parents with his meaningful sharing on students’ talents. It followed by an introduction given by our Career Mistress on the JUPAS scheme, the selection of programme choices and other learning experience. To echo Mr Iu’s message, our school Social Worker, Ms. Lui, also pointed out the importance of appreciating students’ talents and how the parents might accompany their sons on the stressful journey of DSE. After the session in the hall, the parents went into classrooms to meet and exchange ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank all the F.6 parents, whose care and love to their sons will surely bear fruits.

English Ambassadors Outing

On 13th October, Saturday, over 40 English Ambassadors ventured to the countryside for a day filled with new experiences and of course English.

The day started off with a briefing session where the EAs had some ice-breaking games and learned some words for everyday life. They then headed to the farm home of Mr. Rey, our Native English Teacher, for an enjoyable afternoon packed with activities, including American Style Barbequing, English riddle solving and poem writing.

It was surely an unforgettable experience for all the participants and we hope to show the students that English is fun!

InsurTech Workshop

In the morning of 6th October 2018, 3 students from F. 5, Anthony Law (5D), Edwin Lam (5C) and Edmund Li (5B), attended a workshop on InsurTech, organized by Cyberport and, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau. The workshop invited several speakers from the insurance and IT industries to give an update on the current development and insight of how technology can be combined with the insurance services to bring innovation and efficiency. A short tour of the Cyberport facility was held after the workshop.

The 3 participating students and Brian Chung (5C) are going to join a competition called Inter-School Innovation Competition on Insurance Technology to develop an App that combines insurance services with technological innovations.

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