Inauguration of Club Leaders 2019-20

The chairmen of all clubs for the academic year 2019-2020 were inaugurated on the 17th September 2019.

During the ceremony, they received badges from our principal Mr. Iu and after they ceremoniously put on the badges, they were officially inaugurated. It signalled to all students that they were willing to shoulder the responsibilities to run their clubs to the best of their abilities throughout the coming school year.

Congratulations to all the club leaders! May you have all the wisdom and strength to organize various meaningful activities and to advance the interests of your members.

House Inauguration 2019-20

On 16th September 2019, the committee members of all four houses for academic year 2018-2019 were inaugurated. During the ceremony, house committee members of the previous school year were given the Certificates of Appreciation to honor their devotion and hard work. It was then followed by the introduction of the new house committee members and the ceremony of putting on the house badges.

Congratulations to all our students taking up the prestigious roles as the house leaders! May you lead your house by example and bring glory to your houses and to your school.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration at Brothers’ Quarter 2019

As an annual school tradition, all staff celebrated the Mid-autumn Festival with our Brothers during a lunch gathering in the Brothers’ Quarter on 13th September 2019. On behalf of all staff, Mr. Iu presented a fruit basket to the Brothers as a token of our appreciation. The lunch gathering was a joyful moment where teachers and supporting staff could relax and enjoy the feast prepared by the organizing committee.

Happy Mid-autumn Festival to all the members of the Xaverian family!

SU Inauguration Ceremony 2019-2020

With the successful conclusion of the SU election a day before, the term of office of the Student Union 2018 – 2019, “Harmony”, had come to a perfect close on 12th September 2019. Yam Kai Yui (F.6D), the Chairman of “Harmony”, delivered his end-of-term speech to express his gratitude to different parties, especially to his SU cabinet members. Our principal Mr. Iu thanked Harmony for their service and presented them certificates of appreciation to honor their effort. Mr. Iu, also gave words of encouragement to the new SU and reminded them to be the servants of the students, the ambassadors of the school and the keeper of the SU office. After the ceremony, “Vocal”, the newly elected SU cabinet, headed by Chung Ching Nam (F.5D), assumed duty as the servant leaders of all students in the SU office.

Thank you, “Harmony”, for all your hard work last year and good luck, “Vocal”, for the coming year ahead.

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