The Inauguration ceremony for the Student Union 2020-2021

After a long and strenuous electioneering campaign, Cohere, the victorious cabinet of the 2020-2021 Student Union Election has officially assumed office following the Inauguration Ceremony held on October 22nd. Thanks must be given to their predecessors – Vocal, their rivals - O2, and all the teachers involved, for making the electioneering campaign fruitful and plain sailing. May we wish them every success with their pursuits in the year ahead.

Student Union Election (2020-2021)

The Student Union Election was successfully held on October 12th, and the results are as follows. The total number of votes is 731, which accounts for 92.5% of the total members of the school. Out of the total number of votes, the total number of votes for Cohere is 403 while that for O2 is 227. In other words, Cohere has obtained more votes than its competing cabinet, O2.

Thus, Cohere has been successfully elected.


Introduction of Proposed SU Cabinet 2020-2021 – “O2”

The proposed chairman of nominated cabinet “O2” Mr. Chan Chun Hei introduced his cabinet members and their mission during the morning assembly on 6th October 2020.


Other than Mr. Chan, the “O2” team includes:

Proposed Internal Vice-chairman, Cheng Pak Hin from F.5D;

Proposed External Vice-chairman, Leung Cheuk Man from F. 5A;

Proposed Internal Secretary, Ng Pak Hong form F. 4A;

Proposed External Secretary, So Yung Kei from F.4C;

Proposed Financial Secretary, O Shun Hang from F. 4B;

Proposed Promotion Secretary, Leung Shun Kit from F. 5C;

Proposed Public Relation Secretary, Fung Pak Hai from F. 4C;

Proposed Welfare Secretary, Hui Tsun Ting from F. 3D; and

Proposed General Secretary, Li Li from F.2A.


Mr. Chan further explained the mission and vision of the cabinet, O2. They would strive to offer more new activities for the schoolmates and to provide them with more welfare and services. The team would also foster interactions among student activity groups. In addition, they aimed at improving the school in various aspects and bonding all Xaverians into a closely knit team.


They claimed that they understood the students were in a very tough situation; however, they wanted their schoolmates to realize that they were not alone, and that their cabinet, O2, would stand by them in difficult times. The team hoped that with their passion, dedication and innovation, the mere ten of them could make a difference so the future of our school, and most importantly the future of their schoolmates, could be a little bit brighter in this time of trial.

Finally, they urged for the schoolmates’ support.

SFXC Mentorship Scheme 2020

The SFXC Mentorship Scheme was one of the celebration programmes in the SFXC 55th Anniversary, it is heading towards the 11th anniversary in the coming year. The SFXC Mentorship Scheme aims to tap the invaluable resources amongst our alumni to complement the efforts of the SFXC teaching staff in facilitating the all-round development of Xaverians. Thanks to the unfailing support and participation of our alumni and students, we have recruited a lot of mentors and mentees to join this meaningful platform throughout the years, passing on the Xaverian spirit.

This year, we would like to carry on the scheme to pass on the SFXC excellent tradition. Alumni are invited to take part in becoming a mentor of the Mentorship Scheme to the current F.4 students before their secondary school graduation. The Kick-off ceremony will be held on 19 December 2020.

If you are interested to contribute, please complete the online application form Here on or before 30 October 2020. For enquiry, please contact Ms Phoenix Chong, the co-ordinator of the SFXC Mentorship Scheme at 23932271.

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