Teacher and Student Squash Competition

On 1st December a Teacher and Student Squash Competition was held to promote the sport and folster teacher-student relationship. On the 21st December 2017, we presented prizes to the winners of the competition. They were:

Champion :
    Chu Hin (5C)
1st runner-up :
    Tse Ngai Ming (4D)
2nd runner-up :
    Brother John,    Lee Ho Chit (4C)


Chinese Calligraphy Competition 17-18

On the 20th December, we awarded the winners of Chinese Calligraphy Competition 17-18. They are:

Junior Grade:    
Champion :   LEUNG MING HO (3C)
1 st Runner-up:   KWAKYE RICHARD ASAMOAH (2D)
2 nd Runner-up:   LAW KING HO (2C)
Senior Grade:    
Champion :   CHAN LOK JUSTIN (6D)
1 st Runner-up:   KWOK PAK YU (6A)
2 nd Runner-up:   LO KA SING (5B)

Congratulations to all the winners!

PTA Annual General Meeting 2017-2018

The PTA Annual General Meeting of PTA was held on 16th December 2017. Thanks to the participating parents and teachers, the meeting ran smoothly and many important issues were discussed, including the elections for different committees. We look forward to working with the newly elected parent representatives to advance the development of the school in the coming years.

Brother Damian’s Visit

During the morning assembly on 14th December 2017, we were addressed by Brother Damian, a visiting Marist Brother from New Zealand. With his commanding and passionate voice, he gave us three important messages to take home:

Look to the Brothers for role models of life;
Look to the 5 distinct Marist styles for inspiration of learning and teaching; and
Look at the school emblem for a sense of identity.

We thank Brother Damian for that short yet powerful speech. May it inspire us to be thankful and proud to be children of God and be a member of the Xaverian family.

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