School Motto

Our spirit is clearly stated in the School Motto:

“Gentle in Manner; Resolute in Action” (溫良剛毅)

and is rightly signified by the school colours: Green and White.

The habit of being “Gentle in Manner” arises out of our respect for others. The realization that each individual is as much the child of our Heavenly Father as ourselves, requires us to consider the well-being and feelings of others just as important as ours: hence the avoidance of hurting people whether intentionally or out of negligence.
Being “Resolute in Action” is a basic attitude of those who are to achieve anything worthwhile. The Patron Saint of our school, St. Francis Xavier himself, is a very fit example of firm resolution. When he was convinced that love of God is more important than fame or success, St. Francis Xavier spent the rest of his life leading people to a fuller life of grace.
Anyone who possesses the qualities described by our motto, is one who has sufficient confidence in himself. He does not need to boast, to show off, to despise others, or to possess expensive articles so as to uplift his self-esteem. At the same time, for worthwhile objectives in life, he takes steps and works hard to attain them.
Green is the colour of most plants, the best example of gentle strength. The growth is so “Gentle” that it is almost imperceptible, however, it is so “Resolute” that nothing seems able to stop it. This strength from within is the one that really lasts.
The white colour, that stands for purity, is another expression of this interior strength. We do not need pleasant and decorative colours to hide ourselves behind, for there is nothing ugly inside. Xaverians are courageous enough to accept their uniqueness and limitations, and are conscientious enough to develop and make use of their strengths and talents, simply and without arrogance.
In short, a true Xaverian is one who strives resolutely for excellence while being considerate and respectful to others.