St. Francis Xavier’s Day and Prize-giving Ceremony on 3rd December 2013

On St. Francis Xavier’s Day, the morning began with the Holy Mass. The students were well behaved during the Mass. They listened attentively to the prayers and sang along to the hymns and songs.  After the Mass, there was the prize presentation ceremony.

The prizes were awarded by Father Terrence to the following winners:




  1. The Interclass Display Board Competition For F.1-F.5 (Goal Setting)

1B, 2D, 3A, 4D, 5C

  1. The 18th Hong Kong School English Penmanship Competition

English Penmanship Competition – Junior Sector

English Penmanship Competition – Senior Sector

Champion: 3A Wong Wing Hei

First runner-up: 3A Man Chun Kit

Second runner-up: 3A Tam Shing Long

Champion: 6B Au Kong Shing

First runner-up: 5E Lok Tsan Man

Second runner-up: 5B Chu Kee Wai

The 18th Hong Kong School Chinese Penmanship Competition

Chinese Penmanship Competition – Junior Sector

Chinese Penmanship Competition – Senior Sector

Champion: 3A Lau Chun Wing

First runner-up: 3A Man Chun Kit

Second runner-up: 3B Man Chun Wai

Champion: 5E Li Xiao Sheng

First runner-up: 4E Yeung Sin Hang

Second runner-up: 4B Lui Siu Sheng

  1. Hong Kong Inter Secondary Schools Swimming Competition

Individual competitions

Team competition – Boys C Grade 4X50m Freestyle Relay

Championship: 2D Lam Yau Chun

Silver medal: 5C Ng Ka Pui

Bronze medal: 5D Ko Tsun Hon

3rd runner-up:

1B Kwong Sing Chun

2B Chung Siu Ting

2C Wong Siu Fung

2C Lam Yau Chun

  1. “Green and Organic Health Run 2013”

2nd runner-up in 4X400m Relay

4E Lee Sum Yu

4E Ting Kit Man

5D Fan Chun Yin

6A Szeto Kiu Lok

  1. The 45th Athletics Meet of SFXS Invitation Relay

First runner-up in 4X100m relay

4E Lin Jun Wai

6A Szeto Kiu Lok

6A Tong Ze Ping

6C Cheung Man Hin

  1. The 60th Athletics Meet of Heung To Middle School Invitation Relay

3A Tam Ho Yin

6A Szeto Kiu Lok

6A Tong Ze Ping

6C Cheung Man HIn

  1. 2013 Future Leaders Award

Winner: 6B Lok Ka Po

Congratulations to all the winners!

After the ceremony, the students eagerly participated in various activities such as sports competitions, Chinese debate competition, movie appreciation and many more…

Information Day on 30 November 2013

The Information Day was a great success. Many parents and students came to find out more about our school. There were three sessions in total and participants from each session listened attentively and were eager to ask questions. They also enjoyed the exhibition in the different rooms, and the demonstrations at the covered playground.We hope the primary students and parents have learned more about our school and would like to join our family in the future.

Sharing of Br John in Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School

On the 28th Nov 2013, Br John Chong was invited by the Principal of Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School (Hoi Fan Road) Ms. Leung to be the main speaker in one of their evangelization activities to the students of primary one to primary six from 2:15 to 3:30pm.

The topic of the talk is on "the act of Love". Br. John shared his thoughts through the Bible passage and an action song. He encouraged the students to be considerate and be aware to the environment and work together to build a better world and that God's love may be fully realised.

3rd Gathering of the English Ambassadors

On the 19th November, the English Ambassadors met to prepare a Christmas display by drawing around their hands and writing Christmas Wishes to one and all to spread the joy of Christmas. Their artwork will be on display at the College as a giant Christmas tree very soon.

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