Classroom Display Board Competition 2017-2018

Right before the Chinese New Year holiday, all class in Form 1 to 5 have been very busy in decorating their classroom display boards for the captioned competition. The themes of the competition for each form were: “Self-discipline” (F.1), “Respect” (F.2), “Confidence” (F.3), Responsibility” (F.4) and “Resilience” (F.5). To determine the winners, we had invited our principal Mr. Iu, vice-principal Mr. Leung Man Fai and our Visual Arts panel mistress Ms. Ki to be the adjudicators.

The evaluation was based on three domains – theme and content (40%), visual layout (40%), and originality and creativity (20%).

After careful considerations, the judges finally chose a winner for each form, which were F.1B, F.2C, F.3E, F.4A and F.5C. Each winning class was awarded a certificate and a present. The effort made by other non-winning classes was also commendable. After all, winning is not the priority in this competition. It is the process and the memorable experience working as a team that counts. So, good job, all F.1 to F.5 boys! You have made yourselves and your classes proud.

F.6 Last Day for Class 2018

On the 19th January, our F.6 boys of the Class 2018 had their last day of lesson in school. Following our decade old tradition, they organized a farewell ceremony to say goodbye to their Alma Mater as well as their secondary school life. There were many touching moments. After their last day of class, they journey to face the HKDSE would be in the critical stage. Good luck, boys of Class 2018. Fight on with that Xaverian spirit!

Christmas Party 2017

On the 22nd December 2017, we had our annual Christmas Party. This year we held events to raise fund for renovating our Brothers’ living quarter. As usual, the Student Unions put together various charity events that attracted lots of participating students and teachers. It was a day for fun and thanksgiving as we remembered the birth of Christ our Lord and also the Brothers who exemplifies His love in our midst.

Inter-class School Picnic Photo-taking Competition

On the 21st December 2017, we announced the results for the winners of the Class Picnic photo-taking Competition. Each class submitted the best and most representative pictures they took for their class during the recent school picnic. The winners for each form are as follows:

Form 1 : 1D
Form 2 : 2B
Form 3 : 3E
Form 4 : 4B
Form 5 : 5C
Form 6 : 6A

Congratulations to all the winners!

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