Bonfire Night ( 5D 26 )

Good morning everyone!

“There ain't no party better than a bonfire party”. In case you were wondering what a bonfire is, it's a huge campfire that's set up purposefully for a party and people dance and play games around the fire for fun.

Bonfire nights are fun and good for group activities, also for surprises, try to “jump” your friends with a birthday cake.

I remember my first, and only, bonfire night was with my friends when I was in Primary 6. We were camping in Wong Yi Chau and we somehow managed to (safely) create a bonfire out of the fallen branches and leaves in the forest. Remember what I said about the birthday jump? No sooner had the passion of everyone heated up when I took the cupcakes, I had hidden all day long in my bag, and turned the whole party into a surprise birthday party for my best friend. It was definitely one of the best parties of my life.

A bonfire night can certainly be one of the most amazing nights in your life, but make sure you don't get too attracted by the fire, or you'll end up like a fly; fried by the fire. Winter is coming and it would be a great time for one great bonfire party, I hope you can experience your own memorable fiery night.

By TSE Henry 5D (26)