Remembrance Day ( 4A 23 )

Remembrance Day is symbolized by the poppies that people wear and place at war memorials. The poppies are usually worn or placed as wreaths. Do you know why do people use poppies as a symbol of Remembrance Day? The use of the poppycomes from a poem written by John McCrae, a Canadian doctor during World War 1, after presiding over the funeral of his friend, Alexis Helmer, who waskilled in the Second Battle of Y’pres. This poem is called In Flanders Fields.

In Flanders, everything was destroyed during the war and there was hardly anything left. The only thing survived there were poppies. The poppies grew in large numbers on the battlefields. Poppies are in red, reminding people of the spilledblood from World War 1. We should always remember World War 1 and avoid any war happening again.

Besides Britain, other commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand people also wear poppies on Remembrance Day Ceremony. In Britain, the Remembrance Day Ceremony, which is held on the second Sunday in November in London, the Queen, the Royal families and other dignitarieswear red poppies.Some people choose to wear white poppies as a symbol for peace.

I sincerely hope that those who have sacrificed themselves will rest in peace. They have played an important role in human history.

Thank you for listening!

LEUNG Harry 4A (23)